Hemaris thysbe

bob_71(z7 MD)June 23, 2010

Another first time (this year) visitor yesterday. This clearwing hummingbird moth was intent on staying in the shade so it took me a while to get my settings fairly close but this was my only acceptable photo.


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Is it thysbe or diffinis? Hemaris diffinis is the snowberry clearwing moth. Below is a link for a good discussion of the differences.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bugguide net discussion of clearwings

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bob_71(z7 MD)

Elisabeth, this is one case where I would have been better off doing away with taxonomic identification and just using good old country boy ID. I googled the clearwing hummingbird moth before posting and the single species was in almost all cases the Hemaris thysbe. Discussions of diffinis (along with many others in the BUG GUIDE) are technical beyond my comprehension.

I apologize if I have improperly ID'd a subject. It is not my intent to add any confusion to what can be an intriguing study.


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No apologies necessary. Add IDs at will :)! The great thing about butterflies and moths is that there is always something to learn. I like to look at the pictures to work on my own Id'ing skills. Others like to learn about the plants the bugs are visiting. Some just like to look at the pictures. There is something for everyone. Your pictures are great. Keep them coming!

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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

Beautiful picture, Bob!

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runmede(7a Virginia)

It does look like Hermaris diffins. The difference is the color of the body. H. thysbe is black and H. diffins is rust colored.

You can click on "info" and it will give you information about the life cycle and host plants.

I think I've raised this one. I found it on Honeysuckle.

I'm into plants and the animals that use them. I find that there is such a one-on-one relationship that you can learn more about the animal, if you study the plants and habitat that they use.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hemaris diffinis

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