need quick ID

gonzer_gwSeptember 1, 2009

I've gotten permission from the seller to post this. He thought initially that it was a variegated till but the serrated leaf margins say otherwise. A crypt on steroids? Each square is 12".

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Hey Gonz - it looks like a variegated Orthophytum vagans to me. They grow on extended stolons, and sprawl along the ground but with the top growth trying to remain upright. Established clumps look for all the world like a miniature pine forest. When about to flower, those top leaves glow crimson - with little white flowers just peeping out of the top leaf axils. 'Tis an unusual but lovely terrestrial brom.


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I'm with Kerry on O. vagans.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Hey Gonz

I love these little plants. Easy to grow and very easy to propergate. Grab it quick!


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Hi Gonzer,

I'm with Lisa and Kerry. It's definitely Orthophytum vagan albomarginata. It's a terrestrial brom. and easy to cultivate. ;-)
Cheers Yong

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Thanks to all!

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