My World is a Changin'

CA KateFebruary 7, 2008

Yesterday it was announced that my DH is retiring as of February 29th.

I am very excited to have new labor just in time for pruning season. :D

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Well that's excellent news, I'll bet he's looking forward to it. It'll make a big change for you also with him home all the time:) Upside is that you can go take off to when you want to travel or do something.

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Yay!!! What a fun time you'll have! I can't believe how much more relaxed it became around my folks' house after Mom retired a couple years ago. She worked for Social Services, so she was pretty stressed out from her job. Dad is a lot more helpful around the place now that the Supervisor is always on duty. LOL


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CA Kate

Well, maybe I'll have him around briefly. He tells me he's already called his favorite headhunters. I just hope this turn of event doesn't mean a move. And, yes, I'd like to do some traveling.

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calpat(zone9ab No.Ca.)

How are the new retirees doing! And what are you doing!

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CA Kate

We only have one retiree. This person is still doing what she has always done. We have gone to see 4 movies, during two of which I got up and left.

Because of his injured back and my injured leg we are not getting all the yard work done I had hoped to do. Ah, well, Someone is trying to slow us down, I guess.

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calpat(zone9ab No.Ca.)

Well, no matter what it's called, "Mom" is not on the list of retirees! Hope the back gets better and "W", take care of that leg. Pat

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