I found a cocoon! It's not safe.. help!

camomilaJune 16, 2013

Hi there!

I found what looks like a fresh cocoon - I think it must be some sort of moth as here in London,England there are not many butterflies around. It looks very silky, translucent, and it has what looks like a green caterpillar inside. I don't know anything about cocoons, caterpillars, etc so I might be totally wrong.

I am just a bit worried because it decided to attach its cocoon to one of the sides of my door mat! It is a place of constant transit and I am afraid it might get hurt if we leave it there. Do you think I can move it? And where to? Can I put it in a glass container? I am lost!


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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

It sounds like it's just beginning to spin its cocoon, since you can see the green caterpillar. You can move it now or move the door mat until it's through, then carefully remove it from the door mat.

If you leave it where it is, it's sure to get stepped on!


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