3x ID + how to correct cultivation mistakes

jogobellaMay 16, 2006

Hello, I hope I am choosing the right forum, apologies if I am not. I managed to identify all cacti in my tiny collection save for these 3 (used google.com exclusively.) If you can help me ID them, I would be most grateful.




Now, obviously, 1a.jpg and 2.jpg have been exposed to some cultivation mistakes that I would like to correct. 1a.jpg has developed a strange deformation at the very top of its stem (close-up available at http://vanphoto.net/hifi/kaktusy/1b.jpg) which looks like some kind of dryness. It has stayed the same since winter.

2.jpg has been like that for as long as I remember. It grows every year and overall it would be doing well was it not for the visible damage in the lower part of the plant. It was erect some 3 or 4 years ago, now it almost touches the pot.

Both plants receive the same care and love as others. If you have any ideas as to how I could end their misery and make them flourish again, please share them. If more quality close-ups are needed, I will provide them in no time.

Thank you.

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vvdo(z6 NY)

For #2, it looks a lot like it is rotting from the base... is the base is squishy and soft, then it is no doubt rot. If so you may be able to salvage the plant by cutting straight across an area above that is not affected. Make sure you remove any area that may have rot making your last cuts with a sterile sharp knife. Then you need to let the cut end dry out for about a week and then just lay it upright either on gravel or slightly moist soil keeping out of direct sunlight to reroot. You may mist from time to time, but sparingly or you'll be back to square one.

If it is not soft, then I recommend checking the root ball for any mealy bugs that may have damaged roots making them very inefficient to take up water. The plant looks like it needs water however it doesn't have the means to soak it up.


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cactusdan19(z5b NE)

#1a is some kind of Cereus that has either lost some roots and now is suffering or has been under watered. The ribs are dehydrated, I can't see anything wrong with the top. Check the roots to be sure they are healthy and repot in a good C&S potting soil.
#2 has been addressed correctly, rot.
#3 is an Echinopsis that has seen too many time of low light. Cut the top off if you desire, right where it starts to get fat again near the top, let callus for several day to several weeks, then place on top of a good potting mix, perlite or sand. Take all the pups off and allow to callus for several days, root in a similar manor as rooting the top. Give lots of light (full sun) after rooted.
Lincoln, NE USDA zone 5

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#1 looks like a Pilosocereus of some sort. It looks like it's gotten too much sun and not enough water. I would put it in a fairly shady spot, up the water a bit and see if it recovers.

#2 looks like a Ferocactus, possibly F. stainseii. It may be rot, but if it doesn't feel squishy, then it may be severe dessication.

#3 is some type of Echinopsis which, due to inadequate light exposure, has become etiolated (thin, spindly growth). It also needs to be watered. After it's plumped up after several waterings over a few weeks, you could place it in a bright location. Just don't put it in direct sunlight right away, as it will probably burn the plant. Good luck.


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Thank you so much, guys. I am taking your advice to heart.

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