A good choice of air plant for this coconut planter

cadillactasteSeptember 2, 2013

I am wanting an air plant to compliment this naturally split coconut that I purchased. Waiting for the seller to bake it...then I will hang it from a Macrame plant hanger.

I actually seen this done while in Honduras on a mission trip. We all actually thought it some sort of rootball exotic plant. No one there knew what it was and the guest house office was closed by the time we noticed it'll.

I've been doing google searches and found the seller had something similar. And asked for one uncut...so I could take a wood chisel to it and make a split. They replied back they had ones with natural splits! And sent me a few angles...it is 7 inches tall and 5 inches wide. The one on top is the one I purchased. Attached the link to the one I purchased the planter from...in case anyone is interested in one for themselves.

That said...trying to think of a really cool air plant to have sticking out the split. That isn't the same as the one I have. (Which I forget the name) I'll post a photo of it...so you know which not to suggest.

Here is a link that might be useful: http://www.etsy.com/shop/FlathersCreations?ref=listing-shop-header-item-count

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This is the one I currently have...I would prefer something other than this style. Are there any that have a color to them when mature...even after they have spent their bloom?

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I immediately thought of a Brachycaulos (see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpTwYXCmEgo) I got a lot of hits when I googled it.

Butzii bunched together have long, green, flowing thin leaves (http://www.flickr.com/photos/10426408@N04/2940736790/in/set-72157608005800108 or the pictures at http://www.rainforestflora.com/tillandsia/species/butzii/ ).

Just two ideas

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I appreciated the links...they sadly...still resemble what I have...though...another poster here shared a photo of their fireball on a post they had done...and WOW!

I am torn now...thinking it looks quite exotic and a bold color when introduced to a lot of sun. Though...not sure if I like the solid red...or the varigated leaves of the one I am posting. They grow offsets/babies off them...looking rather cool. I am okay with the plant making the planter seem dwarfed in size. Love that it is so colorful...not sure the plant they had in the planter in Honduras that I seen. But it was red in color. But the bold colors of the fireball reminds me of all the bold flowers during our stay in Honduras.

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bradisha(Z10 / 11)

Hi cadillactaste, neo fireball or neo zoe would look great growing on your coconut, these neos would give you a nice red color once you hang in an area that gets some good sunlight.

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Thanks Bradisha...I have a sunroom with sky lights as well...wanting to hang it in front of the window...somehow attaching the rope hanger to the rod that holds my pannels back. (They are never closed) It is made once you place an order...and the seller said to leave a note. That I'll need a few more edditional knots. I am sure she maybe able to add a button or something. If not...I can do so.

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Think hanging it from the rod...puts it to close to the window? I plan on sticking the fireball out facing the room. Maybe wrap the rop of the rope hanger over the rod and button it maybe...or use a "S" hook over it. Or...place it somewhere else in the room.

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