I Learned More Stuff Today!

calpat(zone9ab No.Ca.)April 29, 2007

No. 1 I've been trying to get text in some of my pictures the way I wanted them. Finally with help at the computer help forum I got a handle on it!

Been trying to get out to do the hedges, but finally the gentleman who keeps my lawn looking good did it for me. But today I got the hedger out and thinned out and trimmed up all the Azaelas. While I was raking the debri I pulled up two good size Azaela slip that had taken root. Got those into pots right away. Hope they survive my rough handling.

Then it got pretty hot for me, so I started playing with the MS Paint program and I think I'm beginning to understand it. Well, that will be up for further debate!

Late this afternoon the Ranaculu bulbs arrived and guess what? Only planting instructions were how deep and how far apart. Will have to get those planting instructions again and hang on to them this time. How was your day! Pat

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Good for you Pat! Looks like you did it and did a super job:) I'm trying to learn that also, at least how to label my photos, I think I can do it now. I've been too busy with other stuff. I think I'm through for awhile outside. I got the last 3 roses planted that I'd ordered and came the other day. I'm done except for a few pots I want to plant. My goal was to be done by the time the heat hit. I almost made it:) Now, I just have to get all my roses healthy again from pests and I can stop and smell them....ha ha.

My 3 clematis never did grow that I planted in pots. Next time I'm going to put them directly in the ground.

So now I'm going to just watch what I've got planted grow and enjoy:) I really need to see these roses mature and see how much room they're going to take up first before planting anything very large in with them. But, knowing me still haunt Lowes and see what else I might like....

It's still going to be really hot again today so I'm going to hide out, the sprinklers watered for me today. Maybe read a book or finish my fairy sign that still half done.

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Way to go, Leslie! I'm still planting stuff (a little every day)...because I keep buying more stuff! LOL Plant sale next weekend, and Mom is coming down for that. Then there's a Mother's Day sale at the nursery near her house, so she'll probably get more goodies for us. And in between, those annual 6-packs at various stores keep luring me in! There's no way I can wait until fall to plant again. LOL

So, I've been slowly but surely planting some natives (Artemisia, Salvias, blue flax, 'Cape Blanco' Sedum, etc.) and my first Agastache. We turned on the air conditioner for the first time yesterday (89F doesn't sound hot...), and it was a wonderful thing.

Pat, you did good on that pic label! Paint is such an awesome program. I'm so used to my Paint Shop Pro that I don't get to use the MS Paint program very often, but it's a great thing to have on computers.


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CA Kate

I planted the veggie plants I bought -- 3 eggplants, 2 zucchinis, and 1 Italian Parsley -- to keep the Early Girl Tomato company. Then it was into the little garden off the patio where I put in 6 Agnopanthus where I had ripped out a scraggly Rosemary that was getting in the way of the Manzanita that I really want to become a presence, and generally cleaned up that area.

I don't think it got as hot or humid as yesterday, but I have the ACs on anyway.

I got quit "hot"-under-the-collar at a cactus that got me twice in two days. Yesterday I had to pick bristles out of the back of my leg and my jeans. Today I had to toss a perfectly good pair of really expensive garden gloves because I grabbed the darn cactus to rescue it. That and a handful of bristles that went right thru' the leather are all the thanks I got. grrrrrr!

I'm glad your "learning" has been better than mine. I should learn how to use all the fancy stuff on my Mac...... but good for you for trying so hard.

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calpat(zone9ab No.Ca.)

Wow Westelle, you and cactus are just not compatible! I really don't know anyone who is, but be careful of those "pricks" and treat with a bit of first aid.

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Cripes, that hurts! I've only had an encounter with one cactus bristle, and it wasn't fun. A handful would make me "hot", too!

Sure hope the throbbing has stopped, Westelle.


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