brugmansia rootings

janfin50(9a victoria bc canada)March 15, 2014

Have a question on Planting my rooted brug cuttings

They have been in aireated water for several months
I am wanting to put them in soil-they have lots of roots

dont want to kill them-so what is the best way to do this?
I'm in Victoria bc canada so spring is in the air

Also what is the best way to wakeup my potted Brug?

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Use a clean/new pot and clean potting soil. Water thoroughly after you pot it up, to make sure the soil is moist all the way down. This is very important, as dry soil can pull moisture out of the plants roots. I allow my freshly potted specimens to sit in a tray for about 30 minutes, dumping any water which remains after 30 minutes, but, if there is no water, then water some more, until some water remains in the saucer after 30 minutes. This will indicate that the soil is now completely wet. Then I do not water until the soil is dry for a couple of inches down, this can be up to 10 days or even 2 weeks. The plant will not grow much, but it will be forming roots into the new soil. Have to have legs before you can run. When you water again, same thing. Water good, allow to dry some again, you will notice it starting to grow. Water and feed normally now.
To wake up your brug, water well, getting the soil wet, as above. You will soon see shoots, once you get the first leaves, start feeding.

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janfin50(9a victoria bc canada)

Thanks appreciate the info!crocusscottage

was lucky today to be able to trade[locally] one of my rooted [potted] yellows with a peach -cant wait til it blooms as she said it is fragrant!

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