Finally, A Neat Backyard!

calpat(zone9ab No.Ca.)April 9, 2007

Well almost!

The Dogwood tree in foreground is so pretty this year. Half of the big circle is planted with the new Dahlias and new Mums, the other half is waiting to be seeded for lawn. There is so much concrete here that I think I need the green lawn to cool things down a bit. The lot is triangular & hopefully I'll get some pictures that show the many plants in that area. Been having a little problem posting pix lately.

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Oh very nice, Pat! I don't know Picture Trail to help you out on posting. I like the Dogwood tree, that's really pretty with blooms:) It's going to look really nice when everything is blooming and the lawn is in! You've been really busy too....
If you switch to I can tell you how though.

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calpat(zone9ab No.Ca.)

Leslie, thanks for the offer...posting pix is really easy from P.T., it's me! Just one of those days when I'm all thumbs and have to do everything twice or three times. LOL
I was going to get out the hedge trimmer and take care of some stuff in front, but I think I'll wait a day or so till I get better coordinated!

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When I clicked on the picture, Pat, I got a bigger version, so I think you're doing just fine. :)

That is such a pretty pic! Dogwoods are so beautiful. Those mums are going to bloom their heads off, I bet. Be careful with that hedge trimmer, dang it!


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calpat(zone9ab No.Ca.)

Well, so much for being tidy! That lasted just about a day, but at least I got the shed cleaned out(more or less), just have to close my eyes and start tossing junk. I must have a thousand different size nursery pots. I put them in large trash bags and hopefully can contact one of the gardening clubs in town to see if they can use them. If anyone reading this post needs pots let me know, you're more than welcome to them. Just hate to throw good stuff out!

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Wow, that was a lot of energy! Well if it does rain tomorrow you will have to slow down and recharge your batteries! You're braver than I am with the hedge trimmer:) Wayne won't let me near ours, not that I have anything to trim this year with ours yet, he's afraid I'll cut something off, ha ha! At the end of the year I'll be able to try them out on the butterfly bushes, they're growing great guns now!

I got the last 10 minis transplanted and potted up, 3 in the ground and 7 in pots. I'm pooped... I get a reward though, I can go to Sequoia Nursery tomorrow and pick out the 3 climbing minis that I want now:) Tomorrow is my pay day and that and getting these moved was my inspiration.

That's a good idea to call the local gardening club for the pots, if not put them in the recycling bin if plastic. If they're the clay pots surely someone would want them. I got pretty ruthless when we moved from the mtns, I didn't want to haul a lot of junk here...Still have a lot of junk though, oops treasures:)

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CA Kate

Calpat: it looks like you've been working hard. I just wish all my yard was done and I could start to think about planting. I wish we could grow Dogwoods down here.... just too hot, I guess.

Leslie: watch out what you buy from "up there". I've found that plants that were grown in cooler weather don't always do well in the Valley. I now buy "local grown". Actually, I'm pretty much growing my own replacements. ;^)

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I think I might have made that mistake (buying in a cooler, different zone area), if I had let myself go and bought more than I did. We got to visit Cottage Gardens of Petaluma on Friday, and although beautiful (and pricy!), they were enshrouded in fog. I think the Sedums will be ok, but not sure about the Lonicera nitida. Their succulent section was one of the most droolicious I've EVER seen!

I'm allowed to use the weed whacker, but only with supervision. LOL I don't think DH would let me anywhere near hedge trimmers....if we had them. :D

It's raining! *happy dance* Hopefully, you'll get to take a much-needed break now, Pat. :)


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calpat(zone9ab No.Ca.)

It's 9 a.m. here and there seems to have been and still is a lite misting, hopefully we'll get it all day as weather reported. And hopefully if the rain continues for a day or so, I'll get the laundry put away, the dishwasher unloaded and all the rest of those very boring domestic chores taken care of. While I was out yesterday I noticed the regular Iris are budding up and the Japanese Iris are loaded with buds. Deadheaded some of the roses, things are starting to fill in, it's such a joy to witness Mother Nature!! The Columbine plant I got a while back seems to be a happy camper in among the Hostas, hopefully it will reseed itself, such a pretty plant. As for the house plants, the Peace Lily is blooming it's heart out, I'm thinking about cutting the Dracena(sp) down a bit, one branch is touching the ceiling! Will need instructions for that! DD gave me a florist Poinsettia a few years ago and by golly that little plant is showing red bracts again. I just thought of a new area of gardening we can all get into: plant phycology! or maybe I need one for me! LOL

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I had to look up phycology! Algae? Hey, I have plenty of that in my pond! LOL

We got some nice rain out of that little storm. Hopefully more is on the way for Saturday, although I feel sorry for the relative of a relative getting married in Tomales on that day. :( At least I get to go to Mostly Natives nursery in Tomales on Sunday! I can't wait!

My little 'Alley Cat' Irises already bloomed their hearts out...maybe a few more flowers hanging on. I have some other kinds in pots that I really need to get in the ground this year. I'm such a slacker!

My Aquilegia formosa is blooming, too! Mom reports her large-flowered hybrid is in flower, as well, and the seeds from the native one I gave her have sprouted like crazy. Hope they work out for her. Love columbines!

I love this time of year so much! Everything is so fresh, and the new buds I find are similar to finding gold, I imagine. :)


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Westelle, I'm not understanding you. Sequoia Nursery is a miniature rose nursery and I'm confused about the ownership still but was/is Mr Ralph Moore's right here in Visalia. I didn't get there, I ended up with both grandkids and one was the 5 year old and was busy with her all day. It's nice today though, I'm going to get over there and pick out the climbers I want. And on other larger roses I'm checking out from folks what does well here before I buy, you're correct on that. I only have a few of the big ones. Speaking of which, which of the larger ones do you grow well? I need three more larger roses, but under 5 feet tall. I'm looking for HT for in front of the house.

Brenda, DH let me get manual weed trimmers, LOL* I have electric ones in a box he's never let me use!!

Can you tell me how to start cuttings off the Sedum and off the lavenders??

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Sedum is easy, Leslie! And that's all I know at this point, is easy. LOL You just break off a piece (or even just a leaf) and plop it in some potting soil. I maybe give it a sprinkle now and then...or not. It's kind of hard to kill them...not that I'd want to!

I also love them because nothing seems to bother them. Well, I didn't think so, until I found my new S. makinoi 'Ogon' minus all of its leaves this morning! I hadn't even planted it yet, either. I've moved it out of the planned planting area and back onto the garden table, so I'm sure it'll recover. I guess it was slugs...

I have absolutely no experience with lavender cuttings, but Mom reports that she stuck a broken piece in a nearby pot full of clover, and it's since put out new growth! I sure hope it's that easy for you. :)


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I'll have to try it out, BTW that Sedum keeps getting taller! No sign of flowering yet, just keeps growing...

That's one of my Alyssum plants, all the little flowers were missing on one of them. Don't know whether to blame slugs or grasshoppers. Haven't seen any slugs.

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Hi all,

This is my first post here. I would share some great flower sites with you.


Hope to contribute to this board more often later. Thanks

Carl Patricia

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