Wave Petunias

sheilalkApril 30, 2007

I just bought a purple wave 14 inch potted plant, and 12 pink wave petunia plugs. I have transplanted them into those brown matted pot hangers for my deck. Now I need to know how to care for them. Do I feed them, and how often should I water them? I leave in the northern corner of the Serria Nevada's, Calif., and want to be sure I'm doing right by these guys. Should they get full sun?

Thanks, Sheila

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CA Kate

You might get a better response if you put this on the discussion side of this same forum.

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I agree with Westelle (since this is the off-topic area), but...since you're here. LOL

I give my Petunias a splash of MiracleGro about once a month or so (but they could probably do with twice a month fertilizing), and FULL, hot sun. I water them when the soil feels dry near the top of the pot. I have them in this EarthGro stuff that's rather mulchy (barky?), so my pots have been holding water fairly well, even with the recent heat and wind we've had here north of Sacramento.


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