Lonicera nitida question!

calpat(zone9ab No.Ca.)April 11, 2007

Brenda I just googled this plant you mentioned and the images also show bonsai! Have you ever tried bonsai growing? While I was cleaning out the shed I found two small pots that I had from several years ago & tried this, but I knew even less that I do now. There is such a great forum on GW that I thought I might try it again. I have a lot of oak acorns that come up here. The top growth is only about 4 inches high, but then you get to the acorn and the root appears & can be as long as 12". The pix of the L.N are very attractive! Just a thought!


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I saw some bonsai plants at a nursery near Mom's house, Pat, and I fell in love! Mom gave me some incense cedar seeds to try, and I lost them, but they have plenty more. I think the trick (with me) is to just jump in and try it. Although, I might try it on a cheaper plant than the Lonicera. Cottage Gardens of Petaluma is VERY proud of their little darlings. LOL

Instead of waiting for the seeds to sprout, I think I'll start with a smaller conifer, if I can find one and not plant it immediately. I'm easily spooked when it comes to pruning of any sort. :D

(Oh, my goodness! I just looked up the Lonicera pics, and those bonsai are gorgeous! My plants are pretty small now, too....Ooooo, should I? *nail biting to the maximum*)


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calpat(zone9ab No.Ca.)

LOL Brenda...I visited the Bonsai forum and browsed around. Some of it I understood, but most of it was way over my head. Soooo, as usual I may just jump in and give it a try. Like I haven't anything else to do, ha ha! BUT..today is the day I meet my friend for lunch, we're going for Chinese at the airport, then make a detour to Wyntour Gardens, hoping to find Salvia. After the rain yesterday, everything looks and smells so good, the sun is shining here, it's going to be a gorgeous day! Pat

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Cripes, I missed telling you about that new nursery by one day (Discussions area post)! LOL Mom loves Wyntour, too (except the prices are scary sometimes). In fact, she got us each a S. azurea grandiflora and S. x jamensis 'Moonlight' there last fall. And I got a greggii 'Dark Dancer' there. My 'Moonlight' is blooming now. :)

Another one she got there was officinalis 'Icterina'. I hope you find some yummy things there!


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Well, I bought an Acer palmatum 'Bloodgood' during our trip to the free-for-all buying frenzy extravagana plant sale on Saturday ($6!! you just can't beat that price, even if it IS small!). There's no way I can grow that in a normal situation in my garden, so....I'm going to give bonsai a shot! *nail biting*

I think I'll get it in the ground, since I've heard that's the fastest way to get the trunk to thicken up. 'Bloodgood' is supposed to be pretty "vigorous", so I'll keep the pruners handy at all times. LOL

Wish me luck! *nervous giggle*

Oh, btw, Mom bought twenty-five plants!! LOL I only got 16. ;D


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calpat(zone9ab No.Ca.)

Brenda...I'm so excited about the Bonsai experiement(!) Wyntours puts on a class about Bonsai every now & then, but haven't checked it lately. I've just gone another round with pneumonia, so it's downsizing some more for me. But everything is looking pretty good now, Dahlias are poking thru and the new Salvia plants are reallly growing well. DD got me the most beautiful pink azaela the other day. Looks good enough to eat! But not sure how to handle azaelas from florists!

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