My wild and crazy yard - I hope

youreitApril 23, 2007

I shall try and try again until I get it right...or TinyPic gets it right. :) I stepped out onto the porch this morning and took these pics. I hope they're loading all the way for you, because they stop loading half-way for me. *scowl* I usually don't have such problems posting pics.

One thing to remember about my situation is that we are renters. Yep, I'm a true addict, planting stuff in soil that doesn't even belong to me. LOL I don't even want to think about the day we ever move (eventually)...digging up all of my plants, the pond....OY! I'm feeling vaklempt.


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Wow Brenda! No grass to mow there:) Do you know that after 10 years in the mtns we actually missed it and we tried growing a small patch and still didn't mow because the wild turkeys showed up that year to nest in the trees behind us and would "cut" the grass for us:)

Your pics loaded fine on my screen, two of them though my page at the bottom says error for some reason.

You've got all kinds of plants and flowers in there, you must have 100's! If I'd lived in one place long enough as a renter I'd have been planting too. Especially when you can grow a lot easily from seeds and pick up plants on sale etc. I can see some of the damage still from the freeze here and there and the new growth coming back:) I really like your garden, talk about a cottage garden effect, this is terrific! Thanks for posting your pics and sharing, I think your garden is beautiful:)

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calpat(zone9ab No.Ca.)

Brenda you've done yourself proud! Hope your landlord appreciates you as a "renter". Many of your plants I recognize, some I don't but they all look healthy and lovely. GOOD SHOW! Thanks for sharing! Pat

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CA Kate

I like "fussy" gardens... at least that's the way mine is. What's blooming orange in the second pic?

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Thanks so much, ladies! You know, I look at it every day, so a fresh perspective is so nice! I definitely have a lot of foxtails out there still, but I just pull as I plant. :D

That orange thing is a wallflower - Erysimum 'Apricot Twist' - and it's one of my favorites. I can't believe the spread on it!

I have a plant list on my page here, because if I didn't keep track, I'd lose my mind. LOL I love planting lots of different things, so I TRY to never plant the same thing twice - unless I'm really in love with it, like Portulaca if it doesn't reseed, or snapdragons, because they're so easy. :)


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