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edwena0316(4MN)September 5, 2009

this was all green when I bought it last summer but turned red this summer did I do something wrong? And what kind is it?

This one has stripes on the leaves and was red when I bought it. Thought they were different cultivars.

The mother plant to this was huge and beautiful but has since blossomed and "passed on". I think I have Seven pups of this one.

TIA for any help. Edwena

P.s. No Idea how to get the pics bigger but if you click on them it will take you to my webshots.

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Hi Edwena, I'll take a couple of guesses. The leaves turning red isn't necessarily a bad thing, some Neos will blush red with good light and usually I like the look. I would guess the first one might be a Neo fireball hybrid (if so, should be reddish) and the second looks like Neo Zoe. The third is a Cryptanthus, but I don't know what kind.

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Hi Edwena

You did better than me with photos, maybe somebody here may be able to talk you through posting them better, I know I can't.

I'm with Andy on the first 2, the third looks like Cryptanthus Elaine.


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Hi Edwena ,with the photos i found that when you load them on photo bucket you have to adjust the size before you upload ,took me a while to work that one out,and i am a complete idiot with a computer ,but i did figure it out,now all i have to do is reload about 50% of my piccies . best of luck with that Jack

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Thanks for the IDs still not sure how to make pics bigger oh well will get there eventually

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Hi edwena ,Re piccies size, what worked for me was this ; in the top right hand corner of Photobucket page it has a square that says select Ctrl files/upload and options , options will open and give you photo sizes ,you click on the size you select and click on to save, that for me than is the default size that stays on the computer ,if you select the 800 x 600 or the 15" screen you will be able to later on reload them to a bigger size again , but at the 2 sizes i listed they are a good size ,when you have selected that than load your piccies, it workes for me now that i am aware of it ok ? bye Jack

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