CalPat gardens as of now!

calpat(zone9ab No.Ca.)April 22, 2007

Leslie, try this url to see what is going on in my backyard! Just click any of the thumbnails to enlarge. Pat

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WOW Pat! I'll quit complaining right now!!! Holy cow, that's a lot of property you're undertaking and you're talking about downsizing!! What you've done is really wonderful and I love the way you've set up your album of photos. Your roses and flowers and plants are beautiful. I got a kick out of your crafts too and I loved your paintings. Thank you for sharing that with me, please keep me updated as these all grow this spring and summer and fill in. And, you keep adding.... You're aces Pat:)

Brenda and Westelle, you've got to go take a look at her yards!

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CA Kate

Pat: how much acreage do you actively garden?

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calpat(zone9ab No.Ca.)

LOL, oh my! I don't have acreage, it's a normal size city lot, but it's "pie" shaped! And you must remember, I'm an 81 yr. old lady, widowed for many years and this is all I have to keep me out of mischief & poolhalls!LOL...
I get great pleasure experimenting and seeing these things grow, bloom and sometimes they just up and croak too! Now when I was much younger and two careers going at the same time I had little time for anything more than a houseplant, plus a home, family to take care of. You young sprouts absolutely amaze me with how you manage your time for family, jobs, maintaing homes, etc.& still have the energy & spirit to create beautiful gardens. Well, all I can say is when God created woman He really got the specs right! Thank you so much! Pat

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LOL @ poolhalls! Ah, Pat, you're a breath of fresh air!

I love your yard and surrounding environment - it looks like a park! And of course, I love all of your plants. I really need to get over for a visit some day! I'll keep saying that until I do, you know, like a mantra. :D


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