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lesdvs9April 1, 2008

Hello? Pat, Westelle & Brenda- You guys are being really quiet, are you really busy out in the garden or incapacitated or gone??

It took me most of Feb to clean up the garden and flower beds, then I had to repeat it again in Mar. I got all the extra roses finally planted, more annuals and perennials in also. It's taken me several weeks to get it all mulched. I keep thinking I'm on the downhill side of down and then something else occurs to me. I'm also still working on cleaning out the shade garden, most of what was in there didn't make it through the winter. Once I got the 3- 4' tall weeds pulled, I'm waiting to see if anything is going to come back before really attacking it. I always run out of steam when I come to that one. I know that if and when we get a jacuzzi it's going to go right there, so I don't feel like ever putting a lot of effort into it. I think there's always a spot that's kind of a not finished somewhere. At least for me, LOL*

What have you been up to? Anyone else is always welcome to chime in also:)

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calpat(zone9ab No.Ca.)

Hi leslie, since I last talked to you all, I've been given strict orders, no more gardening! Isn't that the pitts?
But I still have my indoor plants that need taking care of, so I'll just have to be satisfied with them. It seems that I have lost control over coordination along with a bunch of other "old people" complaints. I was over at the HealthForum trying to find some answers, also saw posts that were related to migrains. So many reasons, so many theories as to what causes these monster headaches, but it was interesting to read about possible causes and help! At the moment my leg cut is pretty well healed, but I can't seem to keep the swelling of my feet in check. Oh well, another medical mystery for me to figure out!. I did get the Bachelor Button seedlings in the ground a few weeks ago and they are looking pretty healthy.
Hope Brenda had a super visit with her Mom and wondering if Westelle is settling into her hubby's retirement.

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Oh, Pat, I'm so sorry to hear about your strict orders!! Loss of coordination, as in a neurological issue? I sure hope you find the answers you're looking for, Lady. And if there's anything we can do, please just say the word!

Leslie, it sounds like you've been getting LOTS of stuff done! I've been fighting cleavers (a.k.a. Galium aparine), which I prefer to call by the common name "sticky willy," in my yard. Cripes, I tried pulling a bunch without gloves, and I forgot how they tore up my hands last year. Each year, it just gets worse, but according to my weed book, if I just stay on top of it by pulling/raking it out, and not letting it set seed, then I should be able to stop its progress. Ack!

Other than that, I've been trying to get more seeds started, as well as some bulbs planted that Mom gave me from the "bag-o-bulbs" she bought at Costco - Dahlia, Coreopsis, and Veronica. I'll consider this year a success if I don't kill the Dahlia before I see it bloom. LOL


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CA Kate

I didn't realize how much work this "spare" person could be, it's like having a little kid at home again. Jeesh!

Then, we've spent way too much time at the optical shop and Eye Dr. offices these last couple of weeks. The optical shop lost Phil's order and didn't make the glasses; which turned out to be a good thing because the first eye Dr. didn't get the prescription right; which made another visit and examine to the Drs. office; then back to the optical shop... where we've been 3 times since just trying to get his simple prescription correct. Grrrr!

I discovered that in addition to a severe allergy to Lantana I also have a severe allergy to some weed taking over the gardens this spring, I think its Spurge. Oh, why not!

But, the Irises are just starting to bloom, the Ceonothus (CA Wild Lilac) is soooo beautiful and bursting with.... bees, and the Salvias have started too. What's not to love!

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LOL* at you on the extra care comment, Westelle:) I found that out 3 years ago, I wanted to know then why his retirement should affect what I do and how much busier I was while he says he's bored. Sorry about the allergies, that makes it really tough to go outside and do anything. The dr told me once that you can develop a new allergy at any time to anything. That was especially neat after we'd been living in the mtns for a couple of years and developed an allergy to oak and pine dust:)

Pat, I'm sorry you've been banned from the garden. I hope it'll end up being temporary. Yes, at least you can take care of your inside plants. Will the kids help you take care of what you do have going on outside? I hope they figure this out soon for you on your feet. That's got to be painful. I got your email add, thanks:)

Brenda, I think I have that weed too, I was thinking it was a relative to a stinging nettle when I went to pull one a month ago and it hurt! Same kind of thing, I keep forgetting that exact spot and keep going after that weed there with bare fingers trying to keep up with all the weeds. Tricky bugger.

I'm really sorry you're not doing so hot Pat and retirement is work and you don't feel really good either Westelle. I got over the dr's latest bright idea and trying to get back to how I maintain best:) Did go to Indian Casino in Lemoore today, I have a W-2 to claim for this year now. But, we now have the money to go on vacation for our anniversary next month. And I have the credit cards paid off again:)

Still hoping to see some of this forecasted rain down here, no sign yet. How is it where you are?

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LOL @ having a kid at home again! I love it when they're so bored, they try to fix stuff. The problem usually ends up worse that it was originally. After about 2 or 3 years of Mom's retirement, my folks have finally come to an understanding about boredom and chores. :D

I think DH is going through male menopause. Instead of a red convertible, he bought an ultralight airplane and has been working to get it "operable". *sigh* I really need to check on our life insurance policies. LOL And he also got a puppy....Lord, help me.

Wow, Leslie, it sounds like you won a good-sized jackpot!! Congratulations! Maybe I should start calling you Lady Luck! :D

I have this area in the yard I like to call my symphony. It's actually the area in the pic I posted on the "Little color for you" thread, but now, the 'Apricot Twist' wallflower is blooming like crazy, as well as the 'Alley Cat' Irises, 'Peachy Mango' Arctotis, Osteospermum, sticky monkey flower, and Nemesia. Oh, and my golden currant, new as of last fall, has 2 blooms on it!! That's my favorite news of the week. :)

Wish we could get more rain, too. It's not too late yet, though!


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calpat(zone9ab No.Ca.)

Westelle, when my DH retired, he decided that a second car was not in the budget, so he sold MINE! O.K. but when I wanted to go someplace, he would take it upon himself to be the driver. He finally got the message that I needed some self time too, only when I went to a coffee clutch thingy & he waited outside for me for a couple of hours. Then one a.m. I was scrambling eggs and he was watching and proceeded to tell me that after 40 years I was doing it all wrong. Solution: eat what I cook or cook it yourself! Your right, it was like having another kid to raise. Somewhere along the way you'll make a stand and everything will be AOK

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CA Kate

Youreit: so now you have 2 kids at home? ;-)

Pat: Just before he retired I was looking to buy myself a new car... with money I had saved. So, even tho' DH retired I went and got my Prius... without him. (A little surprise there for him.) His car has been sitting in the garage unused for a month so he's decided to sell it and drive the SUV I USED to drive. ;-()
PS: I DRIVE my Prius!

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Hey good for you Westelle, my DH finally got his own car too. From living in the mtns he had a take home p/up from work, we didn't need a 2nd vehicle. Well, we did and we sold it to pay for a retaining wall that fell...

Many years ago DH went and took a coroner's report on an Ultralight that crashed and the woman was splattered all over the pavement. I made him promise he'd never take lessons and try that out. I found out years after that he did take lessons! He also 'helps' fly a Lear jet and has been able to take the controls of a helicopter. I really don't want to know. I told him all life insurance won't pay off in the case of crashes!! You could not pay me enough to get me in an Ultralight!!!

I got that too Pat on the cooking, I decided when DH retired he could make his own meals, I make dinner, period. I don't eat breakfast or lunch, therefore he can make his own. Only thing is he makes messes doing it. I laughed at the commercial on tv last night about the woman having to rewash the dishes her DH washed. I poked my DH and told him 'see, it's not just me!'

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You've got that right, Westelle! LOL

Leslie, everyone in the family (without any urging from me, I might add) has already pointed out the dangers of the "plane" to DH, but he always says any error is on the part of the pilot. This from a man who has only taken the controls of a friend's airplane once, with no other prior experience. I hope his hard head helps him with that in the future. :D Sorry to hear about that woman. Ugh! And the insurance!!!


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