Escobaria flower

ariole(z7DE)May 6, 2007

Little Escobaria minima from just north of Big Bend N.P. in Brewster County, TX.

A reliable bloomer.


click for larger view

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Exceptional. I have obtained 2 recently and one is showing buds, so I see that I really have something to look forward to. Hopefully their flowers will overlap and I can pollinate them.

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Welcome to the group, mr c.

I sure hope you enjoy your little Escobarias as much as I do mine. I was fortunate to see these in habitat once upon a time.


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Hey-- it's Mr. Cleaver! Small world! (Eriospermum came back from the tuber-- been meaning to send a picture, but I've gotten behind on email.)

Al-- Your plant is a little jewel!

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ariole - My 2 have gone wild and started blooming profusely. So many blooms from such a small plant, this variety is a worthy of any collection. I would like to see them in habitat, it is always interesting to see how they develop under natural conditions.

ooojen - A small world after all...Conophytum season will be in full swing soon. How are your Erisopermine anyway? I was at a show in CT recently and saw a pot full of them. They were brought by Matt Opel from UCONN, I was lucky to have met him.

To any who might be interested in Escobaria minima, be sure to purchase them from a reputable dealer who grows from seed. There are many to be found on the web. One day they will build a Wal-Mart where these plants live (one county in TX) and that will be it for them. Until then leave them there.

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Thanks Jen. You always have a kind word. And a discerning eye.

I'm really happy to know your plants are doing their thing with gusto, m r. Lotsa flowers is always special icing on the cake.


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rodiq(SE Europe)

Goergeous flower and picture, Ariole.

Mine bloomed too this year, 9 flowers at once.


Here is a link that might be useful: Escobaria

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Well, they bloomed alright! I got 9 blooms at one flowering, too.

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