CA KateApril 14, 2009

A woman in Mass. sent me some Yvonne Salvia seeds to try in Ca's climate. She sent me quite a few. After two weeks of keeping warm in the kitchen they are finally sprouting. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they survive to test life in the gardens.

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That's wonderful Westelle, I have no doubt that they'll take hold and grow for you out in the garden.

How is everything else going?

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CA Kate

If I have enough would you also like to test one or two? I'm told they get quite large so you'd have to have the room. Do I remember correctly that you live in V.?

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I looked that up, holy moly that gets huge!! I might have one spot left, I put in 12 large rose varieties in Feb. That put me up to almost 90 roses plus the butterfly bushes, dayliles and assorted flowers which fills me pretty much up. But, I have one spot by the drive that might work for this. I have a friend around the corner that might like to try one as a screening bush from her neighbor. Is this a shade or a sun or half and half?? If it could go for just a few hours of sun I have a corner in the front flower bed that I can't get anything but a mum to grow there and I hate this particular mum. Right now I let one of my roses grow tall and obscure the fact I can't grow anything back there, from the street anyways:)

I have a Purple Passion rose cutting that needs a home if you'd like it in exchange, the person I grew it for changed their mind.

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CA Kate

I'm not sure where it will grow here. East coast summers (zone 6) don't compare. I guess part shade might work for the Central Valley summer.... which is why we're testing it. I'll let you know when they're ready to be given out to new homes.

I have Passion Vines, so thanks anyway.

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I was talking about a rose:) Let me know and I'll see if I can't make arrangements to come get it. Thanks for thinking of me.

Wish Brenda would come back around. I've been gone for the last 4 out of 5 weeks, I need to email and see how she's doing, Pat too.

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CA Kate

My babies are getting their first set of true leaves.

Lesley, yes, I'll take the rose... sorry about the misreading.

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CA Kate

Well..... out of 24 babies I have one left. My garden caretaker let most of them burn up in the 105º sun while we were gone to Oregon. Of the last surviving 5 the snails got the 4 I put in the garden. I've already warned the GSs that if anything happens to my last baby this weekend I'll be hysterically unhappy.

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I got some of those seeds a few years ago and they never came up.....

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