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Sherry1976(9)September 6, 2012

I received this plant as a gift and was told it was a bromeliad. Can someone tell me what type and how to take care of it? I think that it is a beautiful plant.


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This is about all I could find about this brom. The closest similarity (to me) is a variety of Aechmea chantinii. In the meantime, until someone can tell me otherwise, I am going to care for it as an Aechmea. I've added the link to the pic I found online which led to my conclusion.
I must say that "she" is doing well (she presented me with a pup this morning which was not there yesterday). Seems to like the filtered light on my patio.
The photo is the leaves. Those spines on the leaf edges sure hurt when you brush up against them!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Aechmea chantinii

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Here is great source for looking for ID's and other information. I do beleive your plant is Aechmea chantinii

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Hi everyone,
Sherry - I have to agree with HDD, your plant certainly looks like an Aechmea chantinii or even one of the many chantinii hybrids. The only other comment I'd like to make is that they can be a bit "cold sensitive", so when the weather's chilly, move it to a warmer area.

All the best, nev.

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Thanks everyone. Can you believe that when I held the pot over my head today the labeling read Bromiliad Guzmania? I'll look up the temps for my Aechmea. It really doesn't get cold in Houston until January, but I'll keep a watch and bring my brom in when I bring in my Dieffenbachias and Scheffleras for the "winter".

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