Very new to this Guzmania - need a bit of help

Begonia2005(7)September 24, 2012

I have had this Guzmania for about a month.

I bought it pretty much the way it looks in the picture and I have managed not to kill it so far.

I have enjoyed the beautiful flower-like red middle but I know that this will eventually dry up.

I really want to keep this plant going but I am afraid I will mess it up at some point. I also did not understand very clearly whether this plant can bloom again or it will remain green after the center bloom is gone. I have read something about pups but it is not clear to me what I should expect next. I keep the plant at the window in some bright but not direct light (the brightness is not on for long though because the sun doesn't get in through that window for too long). I have a plate with wet pebbles below for increase humidity, I keep water in the center cup and I am careful not to over-water. I really love its dramatic look but I am afraid once the center red is gone I will not be able to have that "flower" again. What do I need to do in the future to get it back to blooming, even this is even possible?

Or do I need to replant "pups"? I have no idea what those are and when I should expect them...but I have read something about side-shoots that will come up and that are called "pups".

Any advice as to how I should continue to take care of this nice plant would be appreciated.

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You will have your bloom for a few months yet. After it has faded you can cut the bloom off.
The plant will send up pups around the base. When they are about 3/4 mums size you can either break them off the mum and pot them up individually or cut mum out and have a group of flowers. You will need a bigger pot to do this but it looks very nice. After flowering next time, you will have to pull the pups off as the pot will be too full.

To break the pups off pull downwards or you can use a knife. Cut close to mum as they need a heel to grow from. Guzmanias usually come off fairly easily.
A very open potting mix like your plant is growing now and your plant will be happy.

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Keep it out of direct sun

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