Can anyone ID this plant please

splinter1804September 2, 2012

Hi everyone,

Can any Crypt. growers among you please ID this Cryptanthus?

It isn't my plant but belongs to a friend who says he's had it for years and it never had a name and he doesn't even remember where he got it from.

Thanks in advance

All the best, Nev.

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Hi Nev
This one could be several crypts. Black mystic comes to mind first or one its offspring hybrids like 'Absolute Zero', Ice age, Sweet tooth. Growing conditions can change these plants as you know.

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Neoregelia Domino I was looking through a book and It really doe not tell much about it. Says It one that like to grow on the dryer side.

If this is your plant Hope I helped. I ran across it about it looking for help about my Xerographica. let me know if its the same.

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juliebees if you are looking at book that showed a crypt as Neoregelia throw it away...its useless paper. The plant is a Cryptanthus not a Neoregelia

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I knew it was not a perfect match in some books you just can't see the genera that well, yes your correct, on some it leaves you with a feeling like start looking at my upcoming book for better photos attitude on some books on plants etc.,
Edition 12 you know what I am talking about.

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Hi everyone,

Thanks for the ID, HDD, (that doesn't sound quite right does it?)
One of the Australian growers identified it as Black Mystic also. What you say about growing conditions is very true; you only have to compare the pic's in the BCR with those in the FCBS Photo Index, one lot looks brown and the other lot looks black, but I think the ID is pretty accurate as the chap who owns the plant also says the colour varies through green and brown before it gets to black, so thanks for the help.

All the best, Nev.

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