Sorting Out The Salvia!

calpat(zone9ab No.Ca.)May 11, 2007

I still haven't found the list Westelle had for me, but I did get out this a.m. and check some tags. I got a Russian Sage, 6 Victoria Blue Salvia and 1 Winifred Gilman Salvia. The day I got these they didn't have much of a selection, so I got what I could and fortunately they are all doing very well. I really looked at things this a.m., I'm beginning to wonder if my gardens aren't doing better without my fussing over them. Well, the weeds are taking over, but that's not a problem (yet). As soon as I get these hoses, valves, pressure gauges all sorted out, I can go in and tackled the weed problem. Cut off the old rose blooms, can't remember them ever being this big. Even the minatures are bigger than usual. Everyday just gets better!

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CA Kate

Russian Sage isn't really a Salvia, but rather Perovskia and still very beautiful.... so light and airy.
Winifred Gilman is a form of S. clevelandii.. not as huge as some varieties but still can take up her share of space. I'm told that if you take off the spent blooms that you might get a re-bloom later in the summer. The Wild Canaries would have a fit if I removed "their" seed-heads.... so I don't.
Victoria is S. farinacea.

I don't remember anymore exactly what kinds you asked for, but then, you have to take what you can get. I would imagine that anything you can find at your local nurseries would do fine where you live. I'm glad to hear that what you found and planted are doing so well.

ASk Again and I'll try for another list..... if you want.

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calpat(zone9ab No.Ca.)

Thanks Westell, I think I'll just sit on what I have for the present time. While checking the tags this a.m. I also found several Liatris breaking ground. They are such a sturdy plant and the brilliant blue blossoms always add a refreshing element. DD came over and put compost around the Dahlias & Mums. I heard her muttering & figuered out she was talking to the plants, a good sign! I'm moving around more each day, afraid I might get to liking this being waited on and that just won't work!

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LOL!! @ DD talking to the plants! She sounds like a great kid. :)

Ooo, I DO love Perovskia! I have the "original" one, and last weekend, I also got one called 'Little Spire'...but I hear it's not so little. LOL

Clevelandiis are awesome sages! My 'Allen Chickering' is blooming for the first time since I've had it (3 years or so), and he is gorgeous! I also bought an 'Aromas' a while back, so I can't wait to see that one bloom, too. :) Next up...Winifred? :D

I love my little 'Rhea' farinaceas. I bought a 6-pack a few years back before I knew much about Salvias and gave 3 to Mom. Mom's didn't make it through the year (not sure why), but I have 2 that still return every spring.

Those are good choices, Pat. :)


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Aha! DD was probably threatening the plants telling them they'd better do well with this attention or she'd spade them! Because then you'd be out there and you can't just yet do that much physical:)

I go after the weeds after the sprinklers finish, they they've soften up the ground for me. Getting my mulch today, hoping it'll help with the weed problem myself.

I've got blooms starting on my butterfly bushes too, now I know the taller ones are the purples! The buds put them just barely at 6' tall today.

I ended up with 3 dwarf calla lilies and a dark purple geranium at Home Depot yesterday. Ours is not a very good garden dept. It was small and they had a new shipment in of beddding plants and I couldn't get near them easily as they were unpacking. Now I know why I stick to Lowes:) I'll look there for some Salvias on Mon.

Glad to hear you're moving around easier Pat, and it's nice having someone fix meals for you and be around. But, if you're fussing about liking it, then you must be feeling better:)

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