Calling Pat!

lesdvs9May 29, 2007

Hi Pat! Are you out there and is everything ok? I hope it is and either your computer has been down or the heat is keeping you inside and quiet. Making me worried because I don't think you're fully recovered yet.


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calpat(zone9ab No.Ca.)

LOL you are a dear lady Leslie, thanks for your concern, but please don't be, I'm o.k. just have to rearrange my life a bit but that's o..k. needed a change anyhow! Went on my first(by myself) excursion yesterday and it was kinda fun, but I did have to keep track of the time. Have a portable tank that's good for about 6 hours that I put in the passenger seat & hook up to that when driving, then when I get to where I'm going I switch to the small portable tank thats good for 2 hours. Well this a.m. at Lowes, one of the clerks insisted that I needed the little cart that's reserved for disabled. In order to quiet him down I accepted his instruction and covered a lot of territory in Lowe's. Sure was glad that there were hardly any people in the store that early. Picked out some paint color chips for a bathroom paint job, then on to the nursery and got some vinca and impatients & more potting soil. Got home just fine with plenty of time to spare. I also got some of the JapIris dug up and put into a pond basket as per Brenda's instructions. Oh yes, while at grocery store I got a bunch of water cress, put half of it in the pond and by golly this a.m. I looked and it's
got new roots started already. Now don't get excited, I didn't do all this in just one day! I do what I can, when I can and If I Want To Do It! It's almost 7 p.m. & temp is 97, guess we can safely say we are entering the summer phase! Been reworking my sketches of gardens, etc. for downsizing this fall and I think it's going to work out just fine. I have a great collection now of Mums & Dahlias and with the other stuff I'll have plenty to care for. Hate to admit my sister is right when she told me "getting old isn't for sissies!" But with a little thought, this is all going to work out for me just fine! Been keeping track of pic you posted and you've done such a great job in such a short time. Hope Westelle & Brenda are staying out of mischief too! Hugs to you all! Pat

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CA Kate

DH and I went to visit our daughter and grand daughters up in Hood River, Oregon. We did some hiking and took loads of plant photos..... I like to put the pics on my desktop for a change of "scenery".

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Ugh, that heat sounds miserable, Pat! Let alone having to keep track of those tanks. How long does the doc say you have to be on the oxygen?

Isn't the watercress amazing? It will actually prefer the cooler temps we'll get in winter and early spring, even putting out blooms then, but mine grows all year long. I've had to pull some of it off other plants in my pond. LOL

Hood River sounds like a gorgeous place, Westelle! My parents were actually considering moving there after my mom retired. Feel free to post any pics you think we might enjoy. :)

Another of my hollyhock plants has a bloom that is almost open, and it appears this plant will have pinkish blooms. Veronica is really coloring up, as well, and so are some of the little alyssums I started from seed a while back!

It appears that what was originally forecasted to be a HOT week is only going to be in the 80s here. A nice (temporary) respite before summer explodes. :)


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I'm glad you're just out there being busy Pat!!! You got a lot done, where there is a will there's a way:) Uh huh, cutting back while you got more soil and plants, yep you are:) Mean time a little color is always very enjoyable.

I'll bet that was really nice Westelle, long drive though. I'm always changing my desktop pics too with my own. Get to enjoy them that way. My sis has moved from Oregon City to a house on the river in Milwaukie, haven't been there yet. She just traded their Harleys in for a large power boat, since they have their own dock:)

It's hot enough here though Brenda, I wouldn't mind the 80's. It's not cooling off until late at night now. I'm out giving fish fert to all the plants, it's a little stinky. Had to be at the grandson's ballgame last night, wow it was hot in the sun still at 5:30. He won too, this was a play off game and he'll go to the next play off.

Well, off to do the front flower bed can't wait for the fish to waft in the windows:) Glad everything is ok Pat.

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Congrats to your grandson and his team, Leslie! That is so awesome! You'll have keep us updated on that, since my Giants aren't doing so great. LOL

I know what you mean about stinky fert, too! LOL

I just had to share the new hollyhock bloom. I can't wait to see what colors the others turn out to have. :)


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Ohhh, that's a gorgeous bloom! Watermelon or strawberry color? You mean you had no idea what colors they were going to be?? Looks nice and healthy too! That's a terrific pic too Brenda!

The hydrangeas I planted already have something eating on them, but I think they came that way from Lowe's. I tried to pick the healthiest ones but one had one leaf a little eaten. Those little toads need to get busy soon or I'm going to get out the spray! They like to hide under them though, they ought to be busy sucking up the bugs while they're under there:)

Burgundy Iceberg seems to be recovering from being transplanted slowly it's still on the limp side. Lawrence of Arabia sure likes it, he's got lots of new growth. That one was only getting two hours of sun! Those are both roses. Think I'll give BI some more B1. It didn't quite hit 90 yesterday here that might have helped, today it is supposed to get to 93.

I hate to transplant the rugosa, that one has lots of buds on all the ends of the canes. It really needs to be pegged or something and I hate to move it, the canes are now topping 7' tall! That taller part is in the sun longer, the rest of the rose is only 4' tall... I loose the buds if I transplant it it's so hot. But, I still don't have the hole dug. It's only going to get hotter. I don't know very much about hybrid rugosas either. Can you tell I'm reluctant?? LOL*

How's your day??

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Well, I have the colors listed on the seed packet, Leslie, but it's a mixed colors pack. I got 9 plants out of the pack (Mom got a lot more plants, but smaller, before I knew better...:D), and so far, I have 2 plants blooming (deep crimson &...rose, I think is that last one), and Mom has one of the deep crimsons blooming. They also list light pink, rosy red, yellow, and white. Hopefully, I'll get to see all of the colors! :) That is, if the colors are correct. The packet says it's Summer Carnival, fully-double flowers, but that's obviously wrong.

Can the rugosa wait until fall or winter to transplant, Leslie? It sounds like it's very happy where you have it! LOL Is there not enough space there? I know how that goes. :)


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There's enough space there for now, but it only gets 4 hours of sun. That's why it's throwing out this huge cane that's now branching off catching the sun up high. It's so hot now, I may. Besides that, I still haven't been able to dig down this one hole! I keep putting gypsum in and then soaking in the water and I get down in inches at a time. To grow this rose there, I'm going to really need to dig way down anyways.

I hope you get a little of all the colors too. Maybe as it gets taller they'll start double flowering or next year it will. Or is it an annual only? I thought these would be perennials? Kind of like a gift, you have to wait and see what you get, huh:)

I was cutting a couple of roses tonight, good thing I looked before I stuck my hands inside the bush! What do you think this is? It has wings, this is about the best pic I got. I've been over looking at winged insects. Think it looks like maybe a wasp.

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Wow, that would be enough to give me the shakes, reaching in to find one of those! LOL Hmmm, hard to tell. Did it have a wasp-like body (freakishly narrow "waist")? Just look at those loooong legs! Looks like a nice place to stay cool, too. :)

The hollyhocks are indeed perennials! Is that common for them, starting out with single flowers before going double as the plants age? This is my first year growing them (seeds or otherwise), so I have no clue! :)


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