I need a photo of swallowtails on buttonbush

christie_sw_mo(Z6)June 13, 2011

Does someone have a good photo I could enlarge and print out of a swallowtail/swallowtails on buttonbush? I need something that shows the buttonbush flowers well and something I can legally use for our butterfly festival coming up here.

Thanks : )

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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

Most of my buttonbush pictures are of tiger swallowtails, because they're the ones most attracted to it. Here's a giant swallowtail and a tiger swallowtail -

Here's a pipevine swallowtail -

Here's a yellow female tiger swallowtail, from the side -

And yet another tiger, this one a male -

And here's a male palamedes swallowtail -

'Hope you can use one of these.

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roper2008 (7b)(7b)

Nice pictures. I've never seen buttonbush before.

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Thank you Sherry! You're so sweet to dig those up for me. The first photo shows the blooms really well so that would be a great one to use ... or maybe I'll use more than one. I won't get a good photo if I use my own printer. I need to figure out the best way to save it on a thumb drive or send it to Walmart or something. Advice from computer geeks welcome.

I planted a row of three buttonbushes along the side of my yard this year but of course they're still too young to bloom. I'm hoping mine will do a good job attracting Tiger Swallowtails and Giants too. I have host plants for both but see very few.

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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

Buttonbushes bring in tiger swallowtails for miles around! Even this year, a poor year for tigers, I finally saw about a dozen on the bush one day. Other days, there were fewer, but it's still the favorite nectar plant for tiger swallowtails - too bad it doesn't bloom continually, like lantana!

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I'm having a good year for Tiger Swallowtails here. I've been checking my Tulip tree for more than 10 years and had never found a single cat in all those years, and only once found an egg that never hatched. This year I've found 20 eggs and cats so far. I would've been excited to find even one. Wish my Buttonbushes would bloom for them but I don't think there's a chance this year.

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bob_71(z7 MD)

I like them all, Miss Sherry, but the male Tiger is a real knockout photo!


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