Portulacaria afra too tall?

nikki702May 11, 2014

Hi Everyone I have come with a question about my Portulacaria afra it seems to have grown tall but not wide. Do you think I should cut the top bit?

Thanks :-)

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I cant find this post on the forum and can only find it through searching for some reason is GW playing up?

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

nikki702, you posted this thread in the Cacti Gallery forum (which is not used much).

Then perhaps you looked for it in the Cacti & Succulents forum (which gets much more traffic)? Since the thread wasn't in that forum, you didn't find it.

Then I assume when you did the search, you searched all of GW, not simply the Cacti & Succulents forum.

So it might be better just to post again in the Cacti & Succulents forum.

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