Tillandsia leaves with bands

sdandySeptember 13, 2009

Can anyone tell me what is going on with this Tillandsia? Was it hit with too much fertilizer or some other environmental event to make these green bands. Probably half of the clump has the bands. Anyone else see this on their plants before?

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It's fairly common Andy when the fertilizer concentration is too high. Some species like aeranthos, bergeri, and especially shiedeana really take exception. They seem to be vulnerable to green-banding even if the dilution is a teaspoon over the normal rate. Happens to me fairly often and is nothing to worry about. I just starve those species mentioned above = problem solved!

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Thanks Gonzer. Settles my curiosity. Although it is kind of a cool look...

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Andy, I forgot to mention that the bands are also caused by fert solution sitting in the center of the plant, not drying out completely. Always feed early in the day.

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