Recovering an abandoned cactus...

steverosenMay 25, 2007

I found a cactus in a 10 gallon pot that someone was giving away for free. It looks terribly beat-up. The soil is so dry it's practically petrified. I've watered it already, but I was wondering if there is anything I can do to help nurse it back...plant food, organic fertilizer?

I reall y don't know much about cacti, but I found images that looked like it could be a Prickly Pear or a beaver tail. It has no spikes on it and a couple of large ears have broken off. It's fairly tall (about 4 feet). It also has brownish spots on it that look like sandpaper.

Any suggestions?


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Repot it. If it is Opuntia it should recover well. Post a photo for confirmation of your identification.

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