I love random severe thunderstorms.

volcanonerd(7)May 23, 2014

In New Mexico, one gets used to the state's personality: snow in April, hot days in February, really long rains that last for a week sometimes, cold biting wind, hail the size if tennis balls. But hey!!!!!!! My state has personality and ever-changing weather:). Can't beat that with a stick:)

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Sounds just like Ireland !

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

I just had two vortexes ( on Nexrad radar) go over my house during the last outbreak last week. It ripped out 5 trees and broke many others. I do have a fair amount of trees to spare.. The lighting was magnificent. Tree lightening that spread 20 miles horizontally. Many at the same time. Lightening never not happening . Thunder a constant roar. 3.5 inches of rain in an hour most in 45 minutes. 75 MPH winds for 45 minutes , but no true tornado this time ,THANK GOD.. I am just burning the trees up as we speak. I loved driving around after the storm looking at all the lightening as the storm abated . I think the cloud was 57,000 ' tall. Very exciting night.

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