Bees are fast!

lesdvs9May 31, 2007

I went out this afternoon just to check on things:) Dahlias needed a drink of water and so did the little verbena plants. The Bergundy Iceberg was still looking a little wilted so I gave it another shot of B1. That was at about 3pm. I just went out and transplant a little mini that is almost dead from the Bayer Advance I'd put on the roses. Last ditch effort to save it, I potted it. I put it around the back by the old mini garden where the sun is a little kinder. I went looking at the Burgundy Iceberg and from a distance the leaves had picked up. This was at about 6:15pm, up close it's now in the shade of the fence and the good news is the B1 did seem to perk it up. Bad news is in the last 3 hours Leaf cutter bees discovered it! This rose and only this rose! All the leaves have their trademark round holes ALL over them. I guess I should be thankful that the other large roses have escaped notice, SO FAR....This rose doesn't even have any roses to draw their attention, it had small buds that had also wilted and had started to perk up. Now this rose looks sorry than ever...

On the other hand, I had a really pretty daylilly pop up this morning.


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Mmm, that daylily does look like strawberry candy, Leslie! Absolutely gorgeous!

I'm so sorry about your rose. :(


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