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CA KateMay 25, 2009

We made an emergency run to Hood River Oregon for 2 weeks and have just returned. Our DD had surgery and we went to help with the girls and then herself when she finally got to come home. We're just back yesterday.

You know I had to visit the local nursery and came away with 7 new Salvias. I completely forgot about the restrictions for bringing plants into CA and sweated bullets while the boarder inspector went over each and every plant, and then wanted to know exactly what nursery they came from, AND what County they were going to! I got to bring all my plants home. WHEW!

My garden caretaker left "Yvonne's Salvia" babies sitting in the hot sun and lost all but 5 of them. I am not happy. Bit what's to do... dead is dead.

We're just soooooo glad to be back home and have no plans on leaving again soon.

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calpat(zone9ab No.Ca.)

Hey there Westelle! Sorry to hear about your DD, hope she is recoverd and doing o.k.! I've had a few of those "border crossing" moments, but only on one occassion did I have to surrender my plants, that was o.k. as later I found out it wouldn't have survived our hot summers. Can't even remember what it was! Love all kinds of Salvia so hope you show some pictures when the blooming starts. Take care and have a wonderful spring/summer! Pat aka Calpat

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CA Kate

I already know what you mean about the heat. I had to move ALL of the new ones into the shade... with plenty of water. I guess I know where I have to plant them all.... but what did I expect bringing in plants from cooler/wetter OR.

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