Hummer & Butterfly Bush

lesdvs9May 26, 2007

Look what I caught tonight!! Ok it's not up close and personal. I was about 150 feet away taking a pic of my rose bush when he zoomed by and caught my attention. I didn't know hummers liked butterfly bushes too! I zoomed in with my telephone, I had it on macro taking photos so it's blurry and the little guy was already tiny. So sorry he's not bigger. Now I'm going to be lying in wait for them!!

Hummer at the top left of the bloom spike in this photo.

I was doing some transplanting and planting today. I have a hard time with the concept of done:) Hope you all are having a nice holiday.

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Great pics, Leslie! I can see the little guy. I didn't know hummers like those, either! And that butterfly bush is gorgeous!

Done? Hmmm, define "done". LOL


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I found one more of him that's a little better:)

I took two new roses out of one flower bed that I'd already transplanted the azalea out of. I counted sun hours and one got 2 and the other got 4 hours sun. So I planted 2 hydrangeas there instead. They may grow on me, DH really likes them. I thought I'd get something he likes for a change. If they don't do well, I'm going back with another azalea there. I need to take out the rugosa I've got in there also that I'm using as a climber, it only gets 4 hours sun too. No wonder it's not growing as fast as it was last fall! I'm working on digging a hole for that in the back. Then I picked up 2 more dahlias a glowing yellow and a pink. This brings me to 5:) All will be 3 to 4' tall bushes. Then I'm going to get something to plant where the rugosa was. Maybe one more dahlia. I was going to get one when I got the hydrangeas but they had white flies bad. I just got rid of mine and didn't want to bring more home!!

Then I hope I'm done again, well there still is that one more load of humus and I need a couple more daylillies for the front of this same bed because two didn't come up. This one flower bed totally defeats me. This is the 3rd planting for it. It just doesn't look the way I hoped for, either plants way over grow or don't grow at all.
Front view. You can't see the back part in shadow, that's about 8 feet I'm working on.

The planters will come out if I can ever get something to grow here.

How about you? Anything you're working on Brenda? I know even my eyelashes were dripping by the time I got done yesterday! I'm open to any suggestions though. I wouldn't have planted two lavenders if I knew they'd get that big that quick, I'd have spaced them better...differently. That's Iceberg behind one, I just pruned it down after blooming. It was shooting up all over the place.

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Oh, there are SO many options, Leslie, but I have to say that those lavenders are gorgeous! Plus, there is plenty of perimeter space around each for tucking in other, complimentary plants, so they can grow through/around/together. Although, some folks prefer to have defined areas between plants, without much inter-planting (or that cottage-y feel). It's so amazing how you can have lavenders and hydrangeas or azaleas in the same bed! With those as foundation plants, the possibilities are (almost) endless.

I haven't had to do much planting lately...*whew* I finally got some pics of flowers currently in bloom. I'm going to just link to them, so dial-up users (me! LOL) don't have page-loading issues. :)

New purchase from the nursery near my mom's house 2 weeks ago.

:D I can't wait to see what other colors I might get from the other plants, too!

My pride and joy this year! And my 'Aromas', newly planted earlier in spring, has small buds, too! Yippee!

Just getting started now. I really need to get this out of the pot in fall...and in the ground!

I feel like dancing every time I look at this. :D

Growing amongst the lemon verbena. I've only had pink blooms, but Mom reports that the lavender and reddish ones are very pretty, as well.

This plant is monstrous! But I'm not complaining.

In the pond with its pretty little dogwood-like blooms. Looks nice growing through the rushes.

And finally... One of my favorites! The vibrant blooms always cheer me up, and I can see it from my computer desk. :)


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