Now I've seen everything --- literally!

CA KateMay 7, 2008

I had flash-backs to my one visit to the beaches of Rio 35 years ago. The women there all wore itty-bitty-teeny-weeny bikinis, even the pregnant ones. The only thing worse were the men whose i-b-t-w-b were really not much more than g-strings. WAY to much showing!

Today DH and I were having lunch at a deli when a group of young mothers with babes in unbelievable strollers arrived for some sort of party. One woman had on white, light-weight, cotton slacks, a white, matching light-weight, cotton jacket, a very colorful bikini top... and nothing else. Oh, did I mention that she was in her 3rd trimester and the jacket was open and covering nothing. WAY TOO MUCH SHOWING!

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So many women think it's ok, and sometimes even attractive, to show as much as possible without getting arrested. Magazine covers with images of the very pregnant, and naked, Demi Moore, don't help, I imagine. I'm glad more clothes are available to the expectant mother than the ol' tent shirts/dresses that used to be the norm, but yeah, some women just go too far. Not fun when you're trying to eat. :)


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calpat(zone9ab No.Ca.)

These same females yell & scream when the remarks start. They leave absolutely nothing to the imagination, the same with the guys. Words like modesty & discreation have been wiped out of the language. To bad, but we will survive it all!

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I agree, what should be private is no longer. I imagine they think they look quite fine, LOL* It's a different generation(s). Same with nursing, at least cover up.

All I ever feel is incredulous when I see things anymore, guess I'm getting old:)

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caavonldy(8/9 N CA)

What about those people, men & women, with the low cut pants. I saw one in the store the other day and I couldn't figure out how she kept her jeans from falling off. They were so low you could almost see her pubic area. Private should remain private. I had my 12 & 14 yo DGD with me and they were shocked(they are homeschooled). I am sick of seeing so many plumbers' cracks.

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I drove home the other day and a guy did a jump on a skate board, when he came down, so did his jeans, LOL*. He looked around to see if anyone saw, euu. These guys think they're cool walking around with their undies showing with their crotches hanging down to their knees, yes, I call that disgusting. Yes, I also think that's ridiculous on the low cut woman's jeans with the thongs showing too. As well as all the tops that show complete bras.

I am getting too old.

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CA Kate

What I think is too bad is when a woman with a decent figure wears low-riders too tight; then she gets a bulge over the top of the hip making her actually look fat.

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That bulge is referred to as a "muffin top". For strictly personal reasons I am hoping the Hollywood Waist comes back into style.

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