My 1st Black Swallowtail Eclosure of the Year!

bandjzmom(7 NWGeorgia)June 12, 2013

Isn't he just awesome? He was so happy to fly away into a yard filled with blooms that were planted for him!! :)

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sandpapertongue(7a VA)

Congratulations! What a beauty.

My black swallowtail is in his fifth instal, and I think he's getting ready to pupate (but he hasn't regurgitated the food yet). He's been wandering all over the place though, so I think he's getting close.

This is my very first butterfly (other than the painted lady kit I did with my son which is how I got hooked onto butterflies in the first place), which I found in my garden. I've been checking daily for more cats or eggs, but so far, he's my one and only.

And I worry constantly that he's not going to make it. He spent over a day during the last molt, and I was constantly worried that that was the end for him. So glad to see your butterfly doing well!

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sandpapertongue(7a VA)

By the way, has anyone seen twitching by a caterpillar? He's perfectly still on a stem, and then he rocks a tiny bit lengthwise. It almost looks like he fell asleep and then caught himself. He's been doing that all day today.

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bandjzmom(7 NWGeorgia)

Thanks sandpapertongue. Yes, they do twitch. When they are getting ready to molt, they will become very still for awhile until that happens. Just leave them be. When it is ready to pupate, your cat will purge and then attach itself to something and scrunch itself up like an accordian. Once it has attached, it will be about 24 hrs before it actually pupates and becomes a chrysalis. Just keep a clean and dry container with enough fresh food, and you should be fine. You might want to add a small upright stick inside. Sometimes, they prefer them for attachment. Good luck!

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