What about these seeds?

youreitJune 19, 2007

So this nice lady was REALLY wanting some of my chocolate mint Pelargonium, and it was my first exchange! Very nerve-wracking, since I knew nothing about sending cuttings, etc.

Anyway, she sent ME tons of seeds in return! So thoughtful! And I'm wondering when THE best times are to start these. I've been getting some general advice from Sunset, but individual experiences are priceless.

Here's the list [according to how she marked the packets] -




Nest egg gourd seeds [gourds look like eggs]

Hyssop (I'm thinking Hyssopus?)


Basil [Genovese]


Savory (I'm thinking summer savory?)

Thyme [common]

Thanks for any help you can provide!


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calpat(zone9ab No.Ca.)

Hi Brenda, what a nice lady to send you all the goodies. My experience with these herbs has been to plant during the cooler weather. However, you can plant almost anytime & get results. During the hot weather they have a tendency to bolt & I think a lot of the flavors we're trying to get, gets depleted.

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Thanks, Pat! I figured these would have to wait until cooler weather for maximum performance. I also have some Centaurea montana seeds that another lady from the Ponds forum sent to me (just for the heck of it, how nice is THAT?). I know those have to wait until fall, as well.

But....Three Palms in Davis is having another sale this weekend. Mom is coming down, and we're going to TRY to limit ourselves this time! But that trip should curb my plant cravings for a while...until the next sale in August, anyway. LOL


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calpat(zone9ab No.Ca.)

Oh Brenda....how you make me laugh, now you know when you & your Mom get together you've become known as the "nursery slukers" of the north. That is, you guys just can't pass up a bargain and boy am I jealous! Have a good time and don't forget to post next week all the new goodies! Bob oh boy, it's hot here today!

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