Rebutia einsteinii v. aureiflora MN 112

joe_ny(z6 NY)May 7, 2009

From seed sown 2003

Image link:

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New York Joe,

Is that a Bolivian one? It sure is pretty. I remember suggesting at one time that these are South American versions of the North American Pediocactus, but my colleagues suggested that it was the beer and not sense talking.

A suggestion - #2 pencil is better than a Sharpie for your labels. Pencils, unlike rust and marker ink, don't fade away. With as much nomenclatural, accessional, locational and repotting data that can go on a label, you don't want to have to guess as as to whether is spelled Cochabamba or Coachabimbo.

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omniphasic(9 Ca)

I have a larger speciman of this...Absolutely remakable.
It's done blooming now but it's producing tons of fruit.I'll definitely be tasting it!

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