Gasteria with many pups... remove or leave?

nokiMarch 4, 2012

Bought some new Gasteria from various vendors.

Here is supposed to be "Gasteria nitida var. armstrongii" (actually thought to be just G. armstongii now)

Nice dark shiny green. Is this a true species?

6 pups on the nice plant. I would rather have a few stronger better shaped plants than a deformed clump. What should I do? I can't see how I can get the pups off but keep any roots.

This one below is supposed to be a Gasteria armstrongii that is known to be a from wild origins. Less shiny, more taste buds. Very thick tongues. No pups.

This attractive leaved clump is listed as Gasteria brachyphylla var. brachyphylla.

What do I do with this cluster mess? Rip it apart?

Try to get 3 or so good plants? Leave as is?

Gasteria bicolor var. liliputana I assume. Seems like a minature version of the one called "brachyphylla" above.

I will just leave this one together, but need to remove the soil from the roots.

Here is a plant I got from the grocery store a year ago. Similar to G. brachyphylla but much much bigger leaves than the plant above. What could it be? A hybrid? A bigger form?

Thanks for any guidance.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Noki,

I can't really advise you as to names & IDs, but I grow a few Gasterias (mostly no ID), & can speak to care & culture.

I wouldn't be so quick to separate the clumps esp. if you can't see how/where so split them. Maybe Google the suggested ID & try to see how it grows in the wild before determining if the clump is 'deformed'.

Some Gasterias grow clumped & some don't. I also think it's a matter of taste, whether one likes the clumped or mounded over look or not.

The one tip I CAN give is to pls. change your mix. I see what looks like sand in the last pic & would not use that at all, ever. I'd switch to something like a Cactus & Succulent mix w/ extra perlite, like 30 - 50% more.

Otherwise, they're nice & healthy looking plants, enjoy.

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rosemariero6(z10 /ss24 So. Calif.)

I think it is a personal preference, Karen said. I suppose it depends on a few things. Do you plan on putting them in C&S shows? I would guess there is certain criteria to follow. Do you like the look of big clumps? Or do single plants in pots look more pleasing to your eye?

One thing I've found when separating plants from clumps...all parts do not always make plan for some loss.

The 1st one does look like Gasteria nitida v. armstrongii (I heard it was the other way around...G. armstrongii became the other name).

That 2nd one has the thickest tongues I have ever seen!

I believe the Gasteria bicolor v. liliputana is correct, but I don't think the one you have as Gasteria brachyphylla v. brachyphylla is correct. The leaves don't seem wide enough for that one. Can't say I know what it is though.

That last one could be Gasteria brachyphylla v. brachyphylla.

A great bunch...hope you find satisfying results whether you pull apart or not!


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ctreeteac(Zone 8b; rain-spewing Oregon)

Love the first two plants-- so far I have resisted the Gasteria armstrongii relatives and not picked up one of those plants, but I know the temptation is creeping up on me. :)

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Well I pulled them apart. The G. armstrongii offsets pulled off rather easily. Saved 3. These small Armstrongii remind me of Haworthia truncata... convergent evolution of sorts?

The "Brachyphylla" cluster was harder to pull apart. The offsets have no roots, but I assume they will still grow.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Are you going to change out of that sandy mix?

The one you split that has no roots, you know not to water anything w/out roots, right?

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