Growing Guz seeds

phee78September 27, 2008

I realise that Guz seeds are some of the harder ones to grow, particularly for someone like myself who has never grown broms from seed before, but my Guz Monostachia has given me seeds, so I figure I've got nothing to lose and may as well try.

I've just scattered them on top of some peat moss, sprayed them with water, and covered them so they won't blow away. Just wondering how much sun they should get to give them the best chance? It's spring here now, and today almost feels like summer, so I'm guessing lots of direct sunlight would fry them.

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Keep them covered and in the shade until they are large enough to be watered from the top instead of the bottom
Zip lock bags make good growing enviroments it keeps them moist and bug free

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Phee, I also live in Aust. and am also doing a bit of dabbling with brom. seed. I am by no means as experienced as some of our friends here on the forum but I have had reasonable results by growing my seeds on damp coco-peat in re-cycled Chinese take-a-way food containers with the lid on.
I add enough coco-peat to make it one third of the depth of the container, put the seed on top of the coco-peat and then bed it down by spraying with water. I then fit the lid and give them no more water. I find they can go up to twelve months with just what's within the container.
I then place the container/s on a shelf in an enclosed porch which faces north. (The shelf is resonably high up so they don't get direct sunlight). I have germinated Guz. Sanguinea in this way and they are now transplanted out and are about 1" high. But I did find them very, very slow compared to Neoregelias.
I obtained some other Guz. seed from a seed bank but had no success at all, maybe I was just lucky the first time or maybe the seed was old, who knows? One thing I have learned is that the seed must be as fresh as you can get it as it deteriorates quickly.
If you have any excess seed I would be happy to buy some from you as I get a lot of enjoyment growing broms from seed and Guz. seeds are pretty scarce down here. Hope this helps, All the best, Nev

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Thank you both for the tips. :-)

Nev, I'd be happy to send you some. A couple more seed pods have just burst open, so they don't get much fresher than that, do they? ;-) Email me at to give me your address.

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