Did you feel it? (southern CA earthquake this morning)

jenn(SoCal 9/19)June 12, 2005

There was an earthquake this morning measuring 5.6 located 6 miles east of Anza, CA. About 8:45 this morning. Hubby heard a "pop", then felt the building roll. I was walking around so I didn't feel it.

Anyone else feel it?

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I was sitting in church and at first I thought the person behind me was shaking my chair with their feet. As it picked up momentum I realized it was an earthquake.

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homenovice(z10 / Sunset 23)

Yes, I felt it also -- more of a long rolling sensation (I was in Irvine at the time).

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We were about 20 miles west....in Temecula. It was one of the most frightening earthquakes I have felt. (I'm a native). It VIBRATED - pictures fell off of my mantle!!!!
DH said the trees were shaking!!!

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i still fell that shaking right now ive been feeling small shakers for over two weeks now ...rolling sensastion is right on ...costa mesa , ca now vwhen yping this

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We had a 3.8 earthquake in Westchester on July 25 at 3:18 AM, and I happened to be awake at the time. It wasn't much of a quake, although I felt it very sharply since I was so close to the epicenter, and it pushed our north wall out of place so that the front gate will no longer lock. The gate was wide open when I saw it in the morning, and we've had to adjust the hole where it is supposed to lock. It still needs a bit more work.


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