Dahlias Are Lovely, But Not A Clue As To I.D. s

calpat(zone9ab No.Ca.)June 16, 2007

Well here they are! Just click on thumbnails to enlarge.






This is where a Plan B would have been a life saver, but no such luck, will just have to wait & see if some of my Dahlia buddies can help i.d. these beauties. Some of them are Laciniated and some are Spiders, but all are Dahlias & so pretty and easy to grow.

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Those are so beautiful, Pat! I sure hope the folks on the Dahlia forum can help you I.D. them!

My favorite has to be #2. It looks like dessert, it's so delicious! Would you say that Dahlias are easy to grow for you?


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I like two too!

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calpat(zone9ab No.Ca.)

You "two" have such great taste, No. 2 is my favorite and I have no idea what it's called. Brenda. I'm on my 4th year of growing Dahlias & I don't mind telling you at first I was intimidated by a lot of people who make a big deal out of everything & that's o.k. if that's their style. Mine is KISS! I got ALL my info. and encouragement from just a few avid hobbiest on the Dahlia forum & since I do have to make adjustments for zonal conditions it took a while to get the right formula. May sound like a lot of bother but it's become a ritual for me and if I do it right, according to my mentors instructions,I reap so much pleasure/satisfaction/enjoyment, every minute of cultivating is worth it in my book. Guess you can tell I'm an avid Dahlia lover! Mikey, if I don't get a name for No. 2 let's dub her Mrs. Fetching!

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Beautiful Pat! #4 won't load for me though:( I have a catalog full of these if you give me info on the size bloom and size these grow to. You must have these planted in a better locale than mine, mine are really struggling. Apparently full sun and the OR grower have two different ideas in mind, LOL* I have 5 of the 2-3' ones planted and they're pretty much staying 6" tall. These are all my favorite colors, but I like that purple one:)

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I guess #5 to be MACALISTER'S PRIDE. If it is 5" bloom and has base color of yellow with a raspberry red that extends from mid petal all the way to the edge and makes an excellent cut flower. Am I right or wrong?

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Better ID for #5 Think it's Wildcat if it grows to 3-1/2' tall and is red and orange.
Or Tahiti Sunrise at same site and is another 5" bloom on 2-1/2' plant and colors are red and yellow.
Best guesses so far:)
This is as much fun as IDing roses:)

Here is a link that might be useful: Wildcat

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calpat(zone9ab No.Ca.)

Leslie, all my Dahlias come from Connell's in Washington. I have their catalog with all these beauties in it, the problem is that sometimes the pix doesn't do justice to the real thing. Anyhoo..as I said before, I'll enjoy them and keep hoping my planting chart will show up.
Just got the roses cut back again, time for their beauty treatments so that the next flush of blooms will be as lovely as all the ones before.

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I just made the mistake of checking out Connell's website...and I had to MAKE myself close the page after at least half an hour of being sucked in! LOL Very addicting, not only looking for your Dahlias, Pat, but looking at all of the beautiful flowers!


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calpat(zone9ab No.Ca.)

Really LOL Brenda!! Every once in a while, I have to really get serious and start tossing catalogs or else I'd be swamped with more "stuff" than I could possibly handle. But if you need an excuse to keep anything, especially flower stuff, just ask, I'm sure I have an excuse filed away somewhere. Another surprise..the water cress is flowering, little pretty white flowers. How about that!

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Oh, yeah, I'm easily distracted when it comes to plants. There are a couple Salvia sites I have to stay away from if I don't have much time online. Otherwise, I'd have bloodshot eyes and a husband wondering what the aliens did to his wife. :D

I love the watercress blooms! Small, but so pretty. And the frogs like to hang out in it, so they must think they're pretty (cool), too. LOL


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calpat(zone9ab No.Ca.)

I'd sure like to entice some frogs and toads to my pond area, but I'm afraid the darn cats won't leave them be. I gave up on trying to keep fish as it did nothing but provide fish dinner for them. Pat

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I can imagine that trying to attract frogs and/or toads to your pond from the river would be like trying to lure a child out of a candy store with a lollipop, Pat...or luring me and Mom away from a nursery sale by shaking a packet of seeds. LOL


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I don't know Pat, "if you plant it, they will come" is working out pretty well for me:) Both in the way of worms and toads, LOL*
Cats like to watch the toads and I like to watch the cats heads follow the toads, but if they intially tried to eat one they spit it back out soon enough. I don't think they'd like the sensation of all that jumping around in their stomaches!! Sometimes the younger ones like to chase and hold down one of the larger ones and let it go and so on, but for the most part they just ignore them.

Wayne would love to have a pond with fish too, he looks longingly at them, I reminded him that not only would the cats fish but the 120 pound lab would be in there lounging to cool off. He loved going in the creek and the neighbors pond back home. He'd jump in sometimes and catch me unaware, the neighbors thought it was funny, good thing they liked Jackson.

Yes, nurseries are like candy stores to me too, so is Michaels:)

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calpat(zone9ab No.Ca.)

Don't know why No. 2 got deleted, will try again:

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