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splinter1804September 9, 2009

Hi everyone,

Could you please help me with the ID of this plant.

Somehow the tag was lost and I think it may be either Rosa Delight or Rosea Striata, can someone please confirm?

Thanks in advance, all the best, Nev.

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paul_t23(Coastal Sydney)

Hi Nev,

I've no ideas on the id, but what a beaut plant. Just love the combination of striations + broad rounded leaves. Thanks for showing it. Cheers, Paul

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I dunno, Nev. Kinda looks like a small Pinstripe to me!

It's a Rosea Striata hybrid for sure, but the real RS doesn't have those rounded leaf tips.

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Hi Guys

Looks a lot like Neo. Criss Cross that I got from Shane Z. a few years ago, grows to about 600 mm dia., however our plants don't show the concentric barring etc. as in the photo on FCBS.


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Hey Nev,

Yes, 'Rosea striata' has always been a bit of mystery for me...look at the photo on FCBS and the article there by uncle D on it. I have seen a few supposed RS's around looking a lot like yours, but I'm dubious about the names to be honest, as they always look nothing like the "official" RS on FCBS ??

The tip ends and leaf shapes does look very concentrica-like, so I reckon as you're in Oz, it's most likely to be one of V.P's hybrids using RS & concentrica as you say - either Rosa 'Delight', 'Deluxe' or 'Yvonne' (the latter looks pretty close to me ?)...maybe that's what we have over here too ??...Yours looks young-ish, so it might give you more clues when she flowers maybe ?

We have some simliar looking but much larger plants in NZ (grown from unknown origin Brazilian seed by Andrew Steens...see 'Exotica Velvet') that have very similar striations but are johannis proportions. I only have some young ones and an old mum to show, but Devo is the resident 'neo striate expert', he loves the striates so he might post a pic or 3 on them and maybe a positive I.D on your one too!!?

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