New pads or buds about to flower???

KittieKATMay 19, 2014

Got this opuntia from my bf a while back, he wasn't in the best shape but that's usually why i like them cause there the underdogs of the o of course he got me the most beaten up one. But he's been recovering nicely and i noticed today that it looks like he's got sum buds growing, but other people are saying that they might be NEW pads growing.....sooo I'm not really sure, they look like flower buds to me? What do you think??

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twiltye(9 CA)

We have one in our front yard. These are new pads. Fairly certain.

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I'd say pads. Pic below has flowers growing at the end of a bud, not the whole bud. Your buds appear to not have that flower/fruit division.

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Still fairly soon to tell, i guess time will tell who will be right lol

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