Roses In My Garden

lesdvs9June 2, 2007

Here's a bright little mini rose:

The spider mites ate this down to bare canes 6 weeks ago or so. Now it's come back, still got a ways to fill out but the roses are true lavender for the first time since I got it last year.

This is one of my new little climbers, it's actually about 3' wide, only the bloom is showing though.

It's really hot out today, so I'm sitting here with my blended mocha letting my fingers do the walking for me:)

No Brenda that insect doesn't have a waist, he's pretty much the same size all up and down and has both wings folded on his back. Makes me really decide to wear gloves in the garden before sticking my hands into dark unseen, unknown territories!

My book says that Summer Carnival is supposed to be 5-6' tall with double 4" flowers. That's all it says about your variety. You got gyped, maybe it'll increase. Maybe it will next year. I have a rose that was a single petal last year, this year it's a single double... Last year it had 7 petals, this year it has like 15. Beats me what Mother Nature does, or it could be reverting to something else.

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CA Kate

Such pretty pictures of pretty Roses.

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calpat(zone9ab No.Ca.)

Leslie they are all just lovely, but that lavender is gorgeous. Yes it's a mite hot up here too.

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Those are so beautiful, Leslie! Seeing the Lavender Crystal and My Sunshine pics so close makes me drool! I love that color combo. Is that some alyssum with your Sunshine?

I bought the hollyhock seeds on impulse from Home Depot after getting my seed starting stuff for Christmas, so I don't mind how they turned out. LOL I feel bad for the people hoping to buy a certain seed, and getting something else. I was told Ferry Morse was a fairly reliable company, too.

I just have no idea what that creature is on your rose. The head sort of reminds me of a grasshopper, but we KNOW it's not one of those. :)


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Hey thank you all, that makes my day sharing one of my flower passions with you:)

Yep, that's the alyssum moving over from the dragon. It's seeding itself into various places all around now, isn't that wonderful! I thought about buying more plants, but it's doing a pretty good job on it's own:) Sure looks pretty with the yellow rose. Now that rose was aptly named as well as the lavender one. Actually the Pennies too, out of the sun it's a russet, never tried that color before and I like it. That climber is spread out 3 feet now:)

Actually almost all my garden is in bloom now, and I'm in love!! This is wonderful, I can almost imagine what it'll look like when in another year or three, LOL*

You can't tell I'm a little enthusiastic can you?? I waited years to have this many blooming plants and shrubs, it's so nice to see all that hard work pay off! It's a long shot from perfect and it'll never make a mag cover but it's all mine:) Immense satisfaction is what I'm feeling. That's the word I'm searching for.

I keep getting free seeds in the mail. I plant those, I looked at the price of the ones at Lowe's and can't believe how few seeds they give you. Then to come find out it isn't what they're supposed to be. The free seeds I put in with the alyssum is exactly that. Now I have some Red Poppy ones:)

Still is a really beautiful Hollyhock though.

Nope, not a grasshopper. Don't know if this is the same pic and a closer view or not. It is a blocky body though. Yellow and brown. Head like a grasshopper and narrow wings.

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