My roses are still doing better than anything else, almost

lesdvs9June 18, 2007

It's so hot even my butterfly bushes are struggling. I don't know if I'm not watering enough or too much. Only thing really liking it is the lavender and the roses and the bedding verbena.

One of the last daylilies to finally bloom, they're struggling in the heat too and some that bloomed first are started to send up new scapes.

This is Irresistible with some lantana in the background that came back to life.


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Oh, Leslie, those roses are incredibly beautiful! That first one has me drooling! And that last daylily was SO worth the wait. Such a rich, gorgeous color!

Hmmm, not sure about the butterfly bush. Mom reports that hers is very happy, and it's already reached 100 up there. It's also in full sun. MAYbe too much water, but it depends how much. I think Mom waters hers about once every 2 weeks or so. I hope it gets its act together for you soon!


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It was drooping so I started adding watering on one side of the yard as an experiment. Then the others on the other side of the yard started yellowing. I'm throwing up my hands. Once every 2 weeks huh?? I'll quit doing it then, the sprinklers don't reach them on the side yard. I was going to put some Vigoro plant fert on them too to see if that would give them a pick me up.

That is a really dark red. I caught it with half shade and half sun to show what it looks like. That's me making the shade with a box lid. In order to photo the plants in full sun round the clock I have to cheat:) Else the sun washes them out, my camera is old. I try hard for accuracy on pics. I do get a kick out of the lighter colored ones if I get close enough and tilt the camera right you can catch them shimmering in the light naturally, never knew that:)

I have one last daylily to bloom it did it on the day it was 105, I never went out and saw it, I saw the spent blooms the day after. Waiting for more. No idea what color it'll be, LOL* Kind of like your hollhocks. I loved your last pic, hoping for more of them too! That was a fantastic pic of it too.

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calpat(zone9ab No.Ca.)

Leslie that first rose is really "drop dead gorgegous", of course the other blooms are great too, but that rose just stops me dead in my tracks, Now is this one of your mini rose collection? and does it have a name? Pat

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Thanks Pat, that one in the first pic is Julie Link and is actually a Hybrid Bracteata and will get about 3'tall and about 3' wide. It's only a foot tall now because I had a problem when I dosed all the roses with Bayer Advance soil drench and it burned all the foilage and I had to regrow it.

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