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Colleen53September 5, 2012

This Tilly was also given to me without a name. Please help and ID for me? Thanks, Colleen

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You can post all this in one post...just keep adding the links on seperate lines

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if it the same as mine its called a TILLANDSIA STRAMINEA APURIMA

IF this is the same as mine and it looks like it mine is doing weird from the weather changing. I do not know if they go dormant or not. how is yours doing my xerogaphoas and I have a wall full are fine and 1 of my 2 durittii's are not doing well....I have not changed a thing and done what I have just read about them on line. I personally think s many as I have lost I will say the Xero s the easiest to grow and live. what is anyone else thoughts?

Hope this helps.

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Indeed this is T. straminea which is a dry-loving species. The suffix 'Apurima' is a non-descriptive addition.
One of the regions in Peru where this species can be found is Apurimec.

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