Is this a kalanchoe?? (FB pix)

Desirai(7B)March 18, 2014

The pics are in a facebook album

Is this a kalanchoe?

If so....

Why are the leaves icky? Why are they falling off?
Why is it sprouting roots in the middle of the plant?
Why hasn't it bloomed, ever?

I've had this plant for a year.

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cactus_cowboy(z4 WY)

That does look like a Kalanchoe. It's normal for older leaves to dry up and fall off as the plant grows. It's also common to see roots sprouting out of the stems. Makes it real easy to root cuttings. :-) As long as the plant is healthy and growing, there's not much to worry about. As for blooming, perhaps it needs a brighter location, or it's simply not mature yet.

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Looks like the common K. blossfeldiana to me. The soil looks too water retentive. It needs bright light to grow well and bloom.


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Here is a tip I use quite often when trying to identify a plant. Go to google images & do a reverse image search. Sometimes it helps; sometimes it don't, but always worth a try. In the search bar on the google image page, there is a camera icon. Clicking on that will give you the option to "paste image" or "upload image". Which ever you chose, simply hit search afterwards & hope your questions are answered :)

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