How about a Muiria?

Beachplants(Z11)March 6, 2013

I am proud of these seedlings, which looks close to the adults already but for a yellow-creamish colour. Muiria hortenseae

Lithops dinteri var. brevis

Lithops verruculosa var. verruculosa

L. karasmontana ssp karasmontana var. aiaisensis

L. hookeri var. hookeri (vermiculate form)

L. lesliei ssp. lesliei var. lesliei (Pietersburg form)

Conophytum ectypum ssp. ectypum

Conophytum chauviniae

Monilaria pisiformis waking up


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That's some jewelry there, man. I thank you for the choices, but I can't decide which faces of the Lithops I like most. And the Cono, with its sheath of leftover leaves, as well as the other little bitty opulences....

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rosemariero(Z9 SW SUNDiegoCA)

Lovely bits of excellence, Rian!! Great lil hairy guy, wonderful colors/pattern on all the Lithops, cute Cono, & always like to see the glistening (bubbles? what to call it?) of the Monilaria! Thanks a bunch! Good show!! Clap, clap!

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Thanks, lots of bling-bling Jeff. love the word 'opulences' - seems apt.

Thanks Rosemarie, it has been described as glistening water cells. I call it my diamond plants, some also say 'string of pearls', but too many has that. Glad you like them.

May I note: Thanks for the reaction, makes it worth while and being full of flu, adds a smile to my face! Thanks for that!

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Reggieee(10 SoCal)

Now that is a nice way to spend a lunchtime....gazing at mesembs that are just waking up (except the lithops, I would imagine??) all of mine are just about ready for sleep. Love it. Nice selection. Can't get enough. Bravo. :-)

How old are those Muiria hortenseae? Size? So cool.

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Thanks, sowed 2 batches, various sizes - 1-1.5cm wide and a little higher. 16-24 months. They could have been bigger, I tend to grow them harder, but with less sun, so they will colour up from now and hopefully get some good size too.

Very similar to Gibbaeum - crack/split easily with too much water.

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You damn well should be proud of your little M's. Easy to sprout, exceedingly difficult to do much more than that.

I have a couple similar in size, maybe a little bigger. Oddly enough, I sometimes feel I can't water them enough. I had no issues keeping seedlings standing in a tray of water. I unfortunately had many in a recent batch dehydrate.

Here's my largest, just snapped a photo. It is in it's winter purple garb, ready for a new body to burst through.

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I hear you, I find there is a fine line - too much and they burst, had 3 or 4 do that, but little and too much sun they just sit there, and die (lost 2-3 like that) hehe, now I have about 20 on a weekly watering and strong light over summer and they seem to do well. Moving them to more sunlight as we go into Autumn and they start growing.

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Another beautiful group! I've obtained a good number of seeds and will be growing Muiria this year. Guess what else; I had 2/6 Dactylopsis seeds sprout and some roving bug ate them both the other night! Nothing else was touched! Oh well. I'll have a second chance when my MSG order arrives.

Nice job!

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Thanks and Damn those bugs!! Try, try again - I found some seed on my D. digitata's, so I will be sowing at some stage again.

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