A disease process on my corn crop

carney(23)July 19, 2006

My corns are ripening now but I have a problem. I picked one yesterday and, while husking it, found that the tip of the corn was damaged by what seemed to me like some disease. Some of the kernels were brownish in color and distateful looking. I picked a couple more of the corn and they too were afflicted by what seems like the same disease. Can anyone help me identify the problem, plus what I can do to prevent it? Thank you for any information.

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It might be corn earworm, Carney. If it is, the remedy, according to the Sunset Western Garden Book, is to put 2 drops of mineral oil just inside the tip of each ear 3 to 7 days after silks appear.

This is actually the Conversations (or off-topic) area of CA Gardening. You might get more responses if you post this over in the Discussions forum. :)


Here is a link that might be useful: CA Gardening Discussions

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Thanks Brenda for the suggestion about using a couple of drops of mineral oil to resolve the disease process that is now destroying my corn crop.

I will try to ask the question in the discussion forum.

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