Speaking of Ants.....

CA KateJuly 22, 2007

I've about had it with the ants. I think I've vacuumed-up a whole colony of ants this past week. For some reason their latest place-of-attack has been the recycling bin (Trash Compactor). I had so many in the bags (3 times now) that I've just sealed the bag with the hordes inside and have taken them to the pick-up bins.

Now it's the ants in the veggie garden..... see post in other part.

The other night I went out to shut the gate and discovered hordes of ants marching 10 by 10 INTO the crawl space beneath the house.... and none going the other direction. Here I am at 10 pm spraying ants with poison in one hand and a BIG flashlight in the other. Now I need to wonder what's going on under the house!

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calpat(zone9ab No.Ca.)

Westelle, I had a similar situation about 2 years ago, they were in my kitchen cupboards, dresser drawers in bedrooms, etc. I remembered, finally, that "Grant's Kills Ants" stakes worked very good for me. I got them at super market, followed instructions and the ants were history. They come 10 stakes to a package, I got 4 packs the last time and spotted tham all around inside house and some near foundations and more whereever I saw an ant. Hope this helps. Pat

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calpat(zone9ab No.Ca.)

I also had those tiny little ants in and around the Oleander, Mums, Dahlia, etc. I put stakes close to the main stems and the ants took off or died!

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I did the same thing with the stakes, when they were nesting (ugh, I hate that word when it applies to insects!) in my redwood planter with the Pelargoniums. The stakes worked for a long time. I really need to buy some more, though. But...I keep my poison spray handy for those marching colonies coming off the roofline to the hummer feeder and along the front of the house.

I think they know we're having a short water year, and they're on the move for refreshments. :(

Hope you get relief soon, Westelle!


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CA Kate

After DH took out the 4th bag of ants-in-recycling, they all disappeared. I wonder if they had moved their colony in there and we've now taken away enough to end the invasion.

What surprises me, knock on wood, is that, so far, they haven't gotten into the gooey garbage.... a whole feast-in-a-can just waiting for them under the sink.

Those ant sticks don't seem to work here, but maybe I should try again.

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I have red ants out in the garden. So far they're staying just out in one place.

I also have a terrible budworm infestation, they'll become moths. They're eating up all my roses. Think I'm going to replace the butterfly bushes I thought were so wonderful.

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CA Kate

We just got back from a trip to the Bay. The ants have totally eaten one of the Eggplants. I sprayed them off, but don't have anymore ant killer left. I suppose they came back as fast as I left.

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