whre to buy cuttings, please

luvbrugsMarch 22, 2013

I am desperate for brugmansias, we moved and my baby brgs stayed behind! please help me find somewhere to buy them.
thanks so much

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I got mine a year ago on Ebay (Jean Pasco). It ended up being AWESOME, and gave me so many beautiful flowers last year! From just a little cutting to a tree in such a short time. It's in storage in my basement, I've moved it to the light and now have leaves starting to peek their heads out again. I would love another one...something that flowers well, and smells heavenly! A pink or white flower would be great, but I will NOT be picky! I haven't looked at Ebay yet, but I did have great luck with my little cutting last year.

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I can share a couple of NOID pink, pale yel and possibly a
white when it warms up. If yopu're interested, send me an

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I tried to e mail you a couple of times, but it keeps coming back as undeliverable, is there any other e mail I can get in touch with you with, please?

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Try this source. I got two named hybrids from them last summer and they were quite large and healthy. I got them through e-bay, but they do sell directly through their website, too.

Here is a link that might be useful: sommergardens

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thanksI will try them

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Hello All,
I am new to this forum,and I am very keen to start a collection of Brug's.......I am awaiting my first on arriving on Monday.........can not wait.....
.I am hoping as I am based in London , that I would be able to get some cuttings please if anyone can help me.

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