CA KateAugust 27, 2008

Is anyone else out there getting really tired of this heat? I know I am! I've lost more plants this summer than ever before. I also haven't been able to care for the gardens correctly because it's too hot even in the mornings. What's an old lady to do?

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Wow, I thought it was just me:) Starting out with 100's in June instead of July has been a real killer. I lost most of the 'shade' plants in my shade garden include my azaleas this year. This year I've had major pest infestations on three rose flushes. First were massive aphids, then massive thrips and now massive budworms plus the heat damages on 'soft' green plants and flowers. Yes! I've had enough heat and here we are with more 100's, I'm ready for fall, 80's sound like a cold wave to me right now:) I'm agreeing with you Westelle and I believe I'm 10 years younger, LOL* I'm melting 45 min south of you:)

I've pretty much just thrown my hands up for this year and looking forward to starting out next spring again.....hoping everything that died or has singed on top will come back with 'cooler' weather or next year.

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I hate the heat, but we've been fairly lucky up here north of Sac. Off and on hot temps, but it always cools down over night and in between. Except this heat wave. It only got down to 68 last night, and I'm already sweating this morning! :D

Sorry for all of your plant losses/damages!!! :( They say it's supposed to cool down later this weekend. I'll keep my fingers (and hoses) crossed.

Our 8-9 month old puppy Roscoe (DH named HER that...:D) got parvo about a week ago Sat. We've been treating her ourselves with fluids under the skin, anti-sick meds, and antibiotics, and it's been ROUGH. We thought we lost her a couple times. *sigh* I think she's out of the woods now, but she's still not keeping food down. Send good thoughts our way, ladies!!!


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calpat(zone9ab No.Ca.)

I've got "cabin fever" so bad this year! I don't even look at the back yard anymore. I was going to have the "special" people down but I just won't ask anyone to work out in this heat. Couple of days ago my kitchen and one bathroom sink were crawling with those little "piss" ants, but the Ant stakes soon diverted them to the outside again. Well Ladies, don't give up, just set it all aside till it cools down a bit. Pat

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CA Kate

I have the ANTS! too. I've killed so many different tribes this summer that I've lost count. Youngest daughter is upset with me because I won't spray the foundation to stop them from even entering. But that goes against my whole philosophy of using unnecessary poisons. If I have to poison it will be "spot poisoning" and not wholesale spraying.

Actually, one Tribe cleaned all the grease and grime from the unreachable parts under the stovetop... who was I to stop them? ..... at least for a week. ;-) Then it got a little old since they went looking for a new source of grease, which I provided -- mixed in with some ant poison. It took them about a week to take a Tablespoon's worth entirely away.

I guess I'd better go water all those Pepper Plants.... arg!

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CA Kate

Wasn't last night just the best? I had the windows open from last evening until 10:00 this morning..... and intend to do the same tonight. It could just stay this way the rest of the year!

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CA Kate

Ok.... so I'm tired of the heat again! Every week shows a fall in temps, but reality is quite different. And, it's time for rain... real rain!

I have so many of the small sweet peppers that I stewed a pot full and made base-sauce for future reference. Teach me to grow so many pepper plants. I did manage to save some seeds from another pepper that I liked... I think an Anaheim.... but I'm only to grow a few of these seeds next year.

A gopher has decided that the rest of the Butternut Squashes belong to him. Between him and the thief I'm not going to get very many..... considering the abundance I once had. Oh well.

No sign of Fall yet around here... Leslie? you? Our SIL usually helps DH clear the leaves when they come to visit in Oct. It's a big help for DH so I hope the leaves start changing soon.... so they can all drop.

What are you all up too?

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