my bloomed cacti

dkm1(Z8 CA)June 24, 2010

it opened up last night.

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WOW! So pretty! I've got one of these but it hasn't flowered yet, any tricks?

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I find that a re-pot into new soil, if it's outgrown it's current container, will really help. I give mine a reasonably low watering schedule through winter, and up it once it produces new growth in spring, just give it plenty of water - making sure your drainage of that soil is high of course - like once a week if temps are really warm, and if it has not had a re-pot, then a little low Nitro fert suitable for cacti will also help....once they bud up, keep an eye on soil moisture, as I've lost buds due to things drying out too much. Then enjoy waiting up half the night to watch it open!! Good luck.

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I have one of this too, hope it flower for me.

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